Steroids are chemical compounds which are created in a laboratory and allows its users to enhance their performance and workout abilities. As the need for physical perfection and being tremendously fit increases due to rising media culture and social exposure, more and more people are opting for steroids and supplements which help them to gain their perfect body in a lesser time with much less effort. As people become busier and more engrossed in their hectic lifestyle, steroid usage is expected to increase exponentially in the coming times. Steroid usage has also grown increasingly popular due to increasing testimony of bodybuilders who swear by these steroids in enhancing their personal physique.

Various kinds of steroids and their functions

Steroids, since the time they were produced have grown in variety and currently there are many different types of steroids available in the market for varying personalities and body shapes. Though its usage had been limited to the male gender in the earlier years, more and more women are increasingly becoming attracted towards steroids which allow them shape their body in a perfect way in a much lesser time and without a lot of effort. Steroids come in many forms such as injections, creams, pills or tablets. Some of the most popular steroidal effects accompanied by their most defining results on the human body are mentioned below for you to take note of:

  • Muscle Building- most steroids are mainly used by bodybuilders and athletes to gain muscles and increase lean body mass including that of muscle tissues.
  • Fat Loss- Obesity and excessive weight usually force some people to opt for steroids top aid them in their quest towards fat loss. Men and women both use steroids for weight loss and is predominantly popular among the latter.
  • Increasing Strength- Steroids increase the protein synthesis process inside the body and allows the body to produce much more energy by burning fat at a higher level. This is useful for strength based workouts and sports where increased strength directly corresponds to the level of success.  
  • Speed and Stamina- Athletes and sports persons regularly use steroids to increase their speed and levels of stamina. Though use of steroids in high level competitions is banned, many athletes still risk using it to improve their chances of success.
  • Increasing Testosterone levels- steroids help in increasing the testosterone levels inside the body and thus are used by people who have low levels of hormone production and suffer from hormonal deficiency. Steroids are also used to increase sexual activity among deficient patients.
  • Treating diseases- Steroids are also used in treating a wide number of diseases and are also used as a therapeutic agent in some cases. Some diseases which are treated using steroids include osteoporosis, dwarfism and growth deficiency due to low levels of hormone production.

Thus we can condescend from the above given examples that steroids are just not used for any single purpose but have grown increasingly popular due to their application in many types of purposes. Steroids use is also becoming very commonplace among women and all this points towards the fact that the use of steroids in personal and medical issues is here to remain for a long while.



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