Man-made growth hormones are prepared in the laboratory mostly using DNA recombinant method. In this method, multiple DNA’s are infused together to form a particular DNA that has characteristic of desired results. Insulin is one of the important growth hormone produced by the pancreas that allows the body to store energy in the form of glucose that can be later used. It is also known to regulate the metabolism of the body and regulate blood sugar levels. Though there are many people who intake, this artificial or synthetic product, it is not advisable to take this on non-medical grounds. Also, this is something against the human body’s natural process and hence definitely would have its own risks. So, people using this synthetic or artificial man-made hormone should be aware of what they are getting into before starting off with any cycle.

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What is Increlex and how it is used

Increlex is a type of Insulin-like growth hormone produced artificially outside the human body. This is a very famous product among bodybuilders and weightlifters and they have claimed this product to be very effective. This is also produced via DNA recombinant technology to manufacture insulin-like growth factor. This drug comes in injectable form. This product is claimed to contain approximately 70 amino acids in a chain. This drug is not a controlled drug and requires proper administration after intake. Hence, this drug is available only through prescription. This encourages muscle and bone growth and also helps the body to shed unwanted fat. Therefore, this drug can be used both in bulking and cutting phase. Increlex for IGF-1 deficiency has been used since long times as this drug is almost similar to Insulin structure.

Dosages and claim from sellers

The sellers claim this product as a success as many users buy and see the benefits of this product. This insulin-like growth factor stimulates the production of amino acids, which are capable of increasing the protein synthesis. This drug also boosts the body’s metabolism and accelerates muscle growth. This drug is injected under the skin with a dosage regulation of 0.12mg per kilogram. Normal dosage should not exceed this limit per day. This is mainly claimed to be used for the medical purpose for treating children with Insulin deficiency but is also tested and experimented by athletes.

Benefits for bodybuilders and others

This is a hormonal drug and is known to cause side effects. Though it is claimed Increlex for IGF-1 deficiency is most efficient, when taken under non-medical grounds this drug is a bit dangerous. Some side effects of this drug include dizziness, restlessness, nausea, irregular heartbeat and difficulty in concentrating. Any user who starts to see these symptoms should immediately see a physician and get it checked. Availability of this drug is also quite limited because of which the prices are bit high hen compared to other drugs in the same range. Due to the high demand, many manufacturers produce fake products that are sold on the black market. So, users who are willing to buy this product online should double check the reliability of the product and then go for it.

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