Looking after your automobile: Everyday tips


Owning a car can be a very useful thing as it helps you to move from place to place without any hassle and you will end up saving time compared to if you had to use a bicycle or walking. However in order to ensure your vehicle is in top condition, you will have to invest the time and effort it takes to look after it like any other expensive purchase.

There are things you need to check on a regular basis to make sure your car works properly at all times. You can’t avoid spending money if you have to urgently change a certain part or perform a replacement.It’s an expensive purchase and you must look after it well and even think about storing it in a lookup garage or transporting it when you plan to move interstate. You will need to enquire about hiring storage or get a car freight quote.3

However if you follow the tips below, you can rest ensured that your vehicle will be smooth to drive and won’t disappoint you.

Completing these safety checks is easy and not something you should skip on. By doing this regularly, you are protecting yourself and your passengers from any sudden incident as your car will always be on spot on condition.

  1. Ensure all your external lights are working properly. The best time to do this would be in the dark. It’s vital that all the lights are working as they are useful when you drive on dark or dangerous roads.
  2. Check all the delicate surfaces (glass) are spotless and regularly cleaned. They must not have any chips or cracks as these might worsen and cause serious breakage or even injure those inside the car.
  3. Ensure the car’s windscreen wipers and washers operate professionally.
  4. Check to make sure that the rubber parts in the wiperare in working condition.
  5. Check to ensure the horn works perfectly.
  6. Your handbrake is an important component of your car so check to make sure it holds the vehicle in dangerous roads and steep areas.
  7. Check the interiors of the car and especially the seatbelts. Test it out to make sure it’s not stuck or the belt hasn’t worn out. Change your interior seat covers if they look old and worn out and it will immediately uplift the look of your vehicle.
  8. Check tyre pressures and tyre condition, especially check for any tears or punctures and replace if necessary.
  9. Make sure you do your research before you plan to drive your car over long distances or even interstate or think about shipping it for safety and peace of mind.

These are some other things you need to check on a regular basis to keep your car performing well at all times.

Oil checks

Check your engine oil on every week if possible. Best time would be when the car is still warm and on stable ground. Switch the engine off and allow the liquid to settle then move it around with the plunger and clean it. Push the device all the way in and take it out and then check the level.

Radiator coolant

The radiator coolant is an important component of every car as it helps to keep the vehicle cool. Check this on a weekly basis to ensure the coolant is at the designated levels when the engine is cold or hot.

Brake fluid

Brake fluid is a core auto component in ensuring your brakes work just fine. You can check this from the transparent reservoirs next to the master cylinders however it case you are unable to gauge the correct levels, you can remove the cap of the reservoirs and make a detailed inspection.

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