Is Seminyak the Right Bali Touristic Spot for You?


Each resort in Bali has its distinct flavor. While some places are best known for the nightlife, glamorous parties and youthful vibe, other ones are incredibly romantic or simply more suitable for families. No place is exactly the same as the next one, although you will find stunning beaches, golden shorelines and perfect waves all around Bali. How does Seminyak stand out? Could it be your ideal destination in Bali?

Seminyak is new and trendy

If you’re on the look for trendy holiday spots and interested in the latest buzz, Seminyak is for you. It’s no surprise that many international celebrities were seen here. You can hop from one amazing bar to another and leave the beach at dawn, after a night of intense partying. During the day, you can shop for all kind of goods and taste remarkable dishes made for every taste. Everything is newly built, as Seminyak is a recently added place to Bali’s touristic map. If you’re not bothered by the crowds, come and enjoy one of the island’s liveliest places.

Romance in Seminyak

Don’t be tempted to think Seminyak cannot be a romantic getaway. Book a private villa way from the night clubs and enjoy quiet times with your beloved. Have a look at the splendid Bali luxury villas Seminyak locals rent through experienced travel agents. The amenities inscribe this to the luxury range. It’s the perfect way to impress your lover. Add a spa session for two and a candlelit dinner on the beach at sundown and you’ve got the complete package. Temple visits can also be romantic, especially if you book a professional photographer, wear traditional Balinese wedding gowns and go for a “matrimonial” shooting session.

Seminyak for culinary trends

As mentioned before, you can try meals from various world cuisines. Simply walk along the main streets and stop in whichever restaurant attracts you. There are also loads of cafes in Seminyak, each with its own vibe, menu and clientele, from classy to casual, including the “burgers and tattoos” type. If you miss European cuisine, have no worries, there will be at least a few restaurants for you and the dishes are authentic – no compromising. Jalan Laksamana is considered the best street for foodies.

A place for learning and shopping

Locals love their traditions and especially their crafts. You can now witness how they make beautiful stuff, from silver jewelry to bamboo furniture and architectural design. You can also participate in workshops. At the end of such a visit, you will usually be invited to buy the products you’ve seen in the making. There’s even one place where you can create your own chocolate and then have it all for yourself.

Seminyak’s cultural wealth

It’s not all about water sports and parties; Seminyak loves culture and its shows. You’ll come across museums, art centers, galleries and especially temples where captivating ceremonies take place. Theatre is also highly esteemed, as almost anywhere in Bali. Immerse yourself in the exotic Indonesian culture. You will also have the chance to learn about Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. Local villages and farms can also teach you a lot, especially about traditional agriculture. You can learn a craft or how to cook an Indonesian meal. Also, locals will take you through rice fields – a landscape you will never forget.

Seminyak life is generally fast paced. If you schedule smart breaks and relaxing travel activities however, you will not feel drained by the end of your stay.

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