Monitoring over the phone is very important especially for the parents as they look over their children and their activities. There are different softwares and applications present for spying the iPhone of your children and any other person you need to have eye upon. Most of the applications for iPhone devices need the jailbreak to access the devices and track the data from them but some of them are so powerful and efficient that they can retrieve the data without jailbreak.

Importance of the different applications needed to access data without jailbreak
These applications are invisible and can access the data from the targeted device without even telling the owner of the device. In this way the parents can have a strict eye over their children and their children so in order to prevent them from indulging in any harmful activity. Even you can watch over the activities of your spouse or partner with great ease such as the phone calls they are making or the messages they are sending. These applications can run easily on different iPhone devices such as iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6 and 6s. It has been guaranteed by the manufacturers of these applications that these applications would run on iPhone 7 and 8 devices with same efficiency and speed.

Different applications to do iPhone monitoring without jailbreak
There are different applications present for spying on the iPhone devices but most of them need the jailbreak to access the devices. However, there are some applications that do not need the jailbreak and can access the data without requiring any specific formalities. These applications include

This application has the excellent and advanced features. If someone does not feel comfortable with using this application they can return it within 10 days and can get the money back. The data for images, browsing history, GPS location and calls, all can be tracked.

It is user friendly application that can be installed on any device and can literally tack all the data from different devices. Remote monitoring can also be done using this application.

This application uses special and reliable technology to track all the data from the devices. It can work on any kind of smart phone in the stealth mode. It can work really well for iPhone 7 and 8 devices as well.

The TruthSpy
The TruthSpy application can trace the browsing history and text messages from the targeted device with great ease. It can work efficiently without the person of even knowing of it whose data is being retrieved.

Highester Mobile
Before purchasing this software it is necessary to check its compatibility because it can track the data from only a limited number of devices. Otherwise it is an excellent application to use.

This is easy to purchase application as the prices are very low and it is very compatible. They have a well developed customer support system and provide packages for the customers.

It is an application that can trace the data of any kind you want with high efficiency.

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