How To Keep Birds Away From Your Business Premises


Looking at them from a distance, birds are beautiful and majestic creatures that seem pleasing to have around. But when they invade your property, the same creatures can really cause a lot of trouble. Some of the problems birds will cause when they invade your business premises include:

  • Property damage. Birds will cause damage to property in 2 ways:
  • With their droppings. Because of its acidic nature, bird poop will corrode a wide range of materials including paint, stone, and steel. Bird poop will also cause a huge mess damaging the aesthetics of buildings and structures.
  • Nests. Most bird species will build nests using straw and grass. Nests will clog roof drainage and gutters causing damage to the roofs of buildings. When constructed in vents, these structures will hinder air circulation while nests constructed in electrical installation create fire hazards.
  • Health risks. Bird poop is rife with fungi and bacteria which if ingested or inhaled could cause sickness in humans.
  • Noise. When gathered in large groups, birds can be pretty noisy which could affect operations in a work environment.
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  • Accidents. Fresh droppingsare pretty slippery and can cause serious injuries through slip and fall accidents. Victims of such accidents could seek legal redress which could prove costly if awarded.
  • Food contamination and damage. Birds will destroy and contaminate food in stores and warehouses rendering it unfit for consumption.

Some of the most common birds in New Zealand include the feral pigeon (a bird previously domesticated for food); the red-billed gull (common in coastal towns and cities); sparrows (the mice of the sky); and starlings (birds with a tendency to gather in large numbers).

How to keep birds away

Apart from when they are invading human inhabited areas, birds are actually useful and play an important role in the ecosystem. Because of this (and the law, sometimes), harmful methods cannot be used to control pest birds. Pestrol suggests ways you can keep birds away from your business premises without causing them harm.

  • Bird control spikes.As the name suggests, this device constitutes of projecting spikes mounted onto a solid base. Bird spikes can either be made using UV-resistant polycarbonates, stainless steel or a combination of the two.

The outward projecting spikes deter birds from perching on buildings and structures effectively forcing them away. They can be used to protect the roof apex, building ledges and pipes.

  • Bird netting. Bird netting resembles a regular net but is constructing with more durable materials. Once installed, the net acts as a barrier denying birds access to the protected area.

  • Sound repellers. These can either use audible sound or ultrasonic sound to scare off birds. Audible sound repellers are ideal for protecting large outdoor spaces where noise is not an issue. Ultrasonic repellers are limited inrange, but they can be used in areas where noise is not acceptable as the sound they produce is inaudible to humans.

  • Visual deterrents. These exploit the birds’ eyesight to scare them off. Visual deterrents can use strobe lights, reflections from holographic tapes, or figures that resemble humans or predatory birds such as owls.
  1. Water repellers. These use a water jet to scare birds away from your premises. They are motion activated and will come on when they sense a bird within range. Theseare ideal for green spaces such as lawns where moisture is not an issue.

Pest birds will disrupt work, cause damage to property, and pose a health risk when they invade your business premises. The above methods will, however, help you get rid of them both legally and humanely.


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