Current Fashion Trends of Millennials in the US


Fashion is the one thing that always changes and it is actually starting to become predictable. Millennials are perceived to have a completely different taste from people who come from different generations probably because of the environment they are in and the influence of celebrities and social media also affects the taste of millennials when it comes to fashion. When they see something that is new and very popular on the internet, they always think to themselves that they really have to have it. We are not just talking about the trends on clothes here, but also all kinds of things that are involved in fashion such as cosmetics, shoes, and other things related to these.

Everyone has seen the fashion sense before this generation had changed the standards for the way people dress. People then were more into the classics. The millennials today have been proven to be really attracted to bright colors, but it seems that the fashion sense today goes back to the way people dressed before. Almost everyone then would probably just wear classic plain shirts and jeans because obviously, that kind of fashion does not really go out of style, and it seems that some of the millennials in the United States of America seem to be thinking the same way. There is evidence all over social media, including celebrities that go out on a regular day, they really just seem to want to look very “chill” and so they go back to the basics and stick to them because basic is somehow always “in.”

What every millennial should also have today is a pair of white sneakers. In fact, one pair is not even enough because not every design is similar with the other designs and millennials just have to have every kind of pair. Agreeing with millennials, white sneakers seem to be a really good investment because they literally seem to match whatever it is you are wearing. Another trend today that has already existed before and has already been loved by the previous generations is the culottes. It is basically just a more stylish type of pants and again, surprisingly, it matches most shirts that anyone could wear every day.

The biggest thing that could really influence the millennials’ perspective and view of things is social media. The world today practically revolves around social media and it is definitely a must have for every one of the millennials to be a part of the popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. There are advantages and there certainly are disadvantages as well.

As mentioned, millennials use social media in order to be up-to-date and to be able to keep up with celebrities and new trends. While this may be helpful for millennials, there may also be a downside, but it is definitely good that it is not only the fashion trends that can be found on the internet but also news about certain issues concerning other things including the economy and politics and since they are not exactly into television anymore, millennials in the US can keep up with whatever is happening online and most of the time, Trump news is readily available on the internet and even on social media sites.

Millennials, not limited to those who live in the United States, is a whole new generation and they literally have different perspectives on so many things in so many different levels. They always want to keep up with the trends that social media is trying to convey to them. These millennials will always want to try what is new so even if the fashion trend they are into right now can just change in one click.

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