Tip for choosing the best travel bag


Travelling has only been a very nice experience when there is everything pre- planned and chalked out prior to your actual visit. While travelling one should pack light and always know about the place where he/ she is going. There are certain aspects of the city you are visiting that should be kept in mind before you visit. These are the tips that are given or few of the various factors that are kept in mind when travelling to your destination for the trip.

Little do people realise that during their visit to another city when they are away from home the only thing that they can fall back om always is the luggage they carry and that is a very important possession to a person outside his city or comfort zone. The luggage of the person is very important as it contains all the important information about him/her, the basic amenities like clothes, at times money, food for emergencies etc. Thus, one will agree that the luggage has a huge importance of its own. When it is such an important piece then the method of protection or carrying this luggage should also be looked after and well researched before buying it. The tips that should be kept in mind while buying a travelling bag are as follows:

  • External dimensions of the bag should be kept in mind: The external dimensions of the bag should always be kept in mind as a standard against which you are to compare the various bags at the shop before buying anything. The external dimensions would define the size of the bag and it would be determined by the actual need of the traveller. In cases of duffle bagthe dimensions are not fixed as it can be expanded.
  • Comfort in carrying or ease in mobility: The bag should be very easily mobile for say one should be easily able to carry it along with him/her. There are bags with trollies and bags which are equipped with straps to carry the bag on the shoulders.Duffle bags are easy to carry.
  • Weight: Weight of the bag should beminimum because when things are packed into this bag it just adds on to the total weight and that is one of the major reasons that the bags which do look nice, trendy, and sturdy are rejected. Rolling bags are even sometimes covered because they are light.
  • Extra expanding ability: This ability rally comes in handy especially when you visit your parents or grandparents. This also comes in handy when you are returning and you want to bring gifts and that is accommodated in the expanded section which was not used earlier.Duffle bags are known for their expanding ability.
  • Quality of material used:the material used in the dufflebag should be of high quality and it should always have a waterproof lining inside which would completely protect anything inside against the rain. The material should be strong and durable.
  • Space efficiency: there should be ample amount of space to pack for you and along with that there are several external pockets to accommodate various things.
  • Cost: the cost of the bag should be as per your budget. Duffle bags available in all price ranges.
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The Best Handifract In Yogyakarta Recommended to Collect


Some of the best handifract in yogyakarta will be very worth for you to collect. Yogyakarta is a city in Java Island, Indonesia, which has a high sense of art in the community. In ancient times, Yogyakarta has a community of people who work as craftsmen, sculptors, painters, musicians, and various other artwork midwives. This community lives in groups with occupations in the same arts field, where one community has its own living area position.

Community heritage that focuses on producing the artwork, some still survive until now. Among the surviving communities, they produce the best handifract in yogyakarta city. This background makes Yogyakarta a city full of art. Be it from the atmosphere, customs, customs, traditions, and taste of art, you will find the closeness to art, tradition, and nature in society. When you are in Yogyakarta, some of the best handicraft works you will find are:

  • Batik

Batik is a cloth-shaped handicraft carved with patterned paintings. In Yogyakarta, Batik craftsmen communities still survive to this day. The location of this community is located in Imogiri sub-district. Batik in Yogyakarta is a hand-carved batik with a pattern of art inherited from generation to generation. The result of art accumulation from the wisdom of the generation of the ancestors to the present generation will be found in Yogyakarta.

  • Silver Handicraft

Silver handicraft is a contemporary traditional craft that you can find in Yogyakarta. The largest silver commissary community in Yogyakarta can be found in Kota Gedhe. Here silver craftsmen live and settle in one community. Silver handicrafts Yogyakarta is a very unique handicraft with its own artistic value. With high quality material, combined with the expertise of silver handicraftsmen, you will be able to have beautiful silverware for display. If you stop in Yogyakarta, you can not only buy silver handicraft, but also order custom made silver handicraft.

  • Clay Handicraft

Clay craftsmen are a community that still survives until now in Yogyakarta. The area where clay craftsmen live in Yogyakarta is Kasongan. Kasongan is a village whose inhabitants are skilled clay craftsmen. The leading clay craft products in the village are clay statues, clay jars, home appliances, and more. If you are specifically visiting Kasongan, you can participate in the production of clay crafts directly.

  • Wood Handicraft

Woodworkers are also a surviving community of several art communities that once existed in ancient Yogyakarta. In ancient times, community of artisans and woodcarving were residing in Gunung Kidul district. At this time, this community spread to various areas in Yogyakarta, but some can still be found in the place of origin. The famous wood and woodcarving products in Yogyakarta are carved statues, home decorations, ornaments, and much more. One of the unique wooden handicrafts in Yogyakarta is a wooden handicraft made from tree roots.

The best handicraft in yogyakarta community waiting for you to be discover right now. Meet and make contact with this community to explore deep art in Yogyakarta. When you take a walk to Indonesia, be sure to stop by to Yogyakarta to have unique handicraft products of Yogyakarta as souvenirs.

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List of vegeterian hotels in Jaipur


There are a lot of people who eat vegetarian food and there are very few hotels who serve vegetarian food. Though Jaipur is famous for serving good vegetarian food, it is very difficult to get a hotel serving pure vegetarian dishes. Jaipur is famous for its historical monuments and places which are worth seeing and if you are a vegetarian, travelling to Jaipur for work or holiday, make sure that you are put up in one of these hotels. Given below is a list of hotels in Jaipur from Oyo Rooms serving vegetarian food-

Jai Mahal Palace, Jaipur– This hotel is one of the best luxury hotels in Jaipur, serving wonderful vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food. Some of the restaurants which are present here are Cinnamon, Marble arch, Giardino. Apart from this, the hotel also has a bar. It has all the major facilities of a good luxury hotel. The tariff for each room in this hotel starts from Rs.65000.

Ginger Hotels– This hotel is 11km from the airport and 3.5km from the railway station. They have a restaurant by the name of Red Salt which serves both vegetarian and Non vegetarian food. They also have a conference room, gym, free parking, internet and other facilities in this hotel. The tariff of standard rooms in this hotel ranges from Rs.2352-Rs.2650.

Hotel RatnawaliThis hotel is the one which serves quality vegetarian Indian cuisine which is delicious as well as easily digestible. It also has a banquet hall for private parties and conference halls for corporate meetings. This hotel is very conveniently placed and has an excellent service. They have both indoor and outdoor restaurants available in the hotel. They have all types of services including 24 hour room service, cable TV, Wi-Fi connections available. It also has a mini bar, LCD Tv and tea or coffee maker. The tariff of each of these rooms range from Rs.2130-Rs.2506.

Arya Niwas– This hotel is centrally located and is one of the best hotels in a renovated old mansion.  This is a government recognized three star hotel. The restaurant serves pure vegetarian food. Apart from this, the hotel also has in-house bakery, free Wi-Fi internet connection, same day laundry service, taxi service, doctor on call etc. The tariff of each room ranges from Rs1690-Rs.2017.

Hotel Shikha– This is another good hotel in Jaipur which serves vegetarian food. This hotel is located opposite to deer park. This is at a walking distance from most government offices. All major tourist destinations are in very close proximity to this hotel. This is considered to be located in one of the most peaceful areas. It has a luxury spa, café coffee day lounge within the premises. The rooms have all the major facilities available in any hotel. The tariff of each room ranges from Rs.1899-Rs.2990.

So if you are planning to travel to Jaipur and looking for a hotel serving healthy  vegetarian food, you can opt for any one of the above mentioned hotels. These hotels, apart from giving you a comfortable stay will also satisfy your taste buds.

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Is Seminyak the Right Bali Touristic Spot for You?


Each resort in Bali has its distinct flavor. While some places are best known for the nightlife, glamorous parties and youthful vibe, other ones are incredibly romantic or simply more suitable for families. No place is exactly the same as the next one, although you will find stunning beaches, golden shorelines and perfect waves all around Bali. How does Seminyak stand out? Could it be your ideal destination in Bali?

Seminyak is new and trendy

If you’re on the look for trendy holiday spots and interested in the latest buzz, Seminyak is for you. It’s no surprise that many international celebrities were seen here. You can hop from one amazing bar to another and leave the beach at dawn, after a night of intense partying. During the day, you can shop for all kind of goods and taste remarkable dishes made for every taste. Everything is newly built, as Seminyak is a recently added place to Bali’s touristic map. If you’re not bothered by the crowds, come and enjoy one of the island’s liveliest places.

Romance in Seminyak

Don’t be tempted to think Seminyak cannot be a romantic getaway. Book a private villa way from the night clubs and enjoy quiet times with your beloved. Have a look at the splendid Bali luxury villas Seminyak locals rent through experienced travel agents. The amenities inscribe this to the luxury range. It’s the perfect way to impress your lover. Add a spa session for two and a candlelit dinner on the beach at sundown and you’ve got the complete package. Temple visits can also be romantic, especially if you book a professional photographer, wear traditional Balinese wedding gowns and go for a “matrimonial” shooting session.

Seminyak for culinary trends

As mentioned before, you can try meals from various world cuisines. Simply walk along the main streets and stop in whichever restaurant attracts you. There are also loads of cafes in Seminyak, each with its own vibe, menu and clientele, from classy to casual, including the “burgers and tattoos” type. If you miss European cuisine, have no worries, there will be at least a few restaurants for you and the dishes are authentic – no compromising. Jalan Laksamana is considered the best street for foodies.

A place for learning and shopping

Locals love their traditions and especially their crafts. You can now witness how they make beautiful stuff, from silver jewelry to bamboo furniture and architectural design. You can also participate in workshops. At the end of such a visit, you will usually be invited to buy the products you’ve seen in the making. There’s even one place where you can create your own chocolate and then have it all for yourself.

Seminyak’s cultural wealth

It’s not all about water sports and parties; Seminyak loves culture and its shows. You’ll come across museums, art centers, galleries and especially temples where captivating ceremonies take place. Theatre is also highly esteemed, as almost anywhere in Bali. Immerse yourself in the exotic Indonesian culture. You will also have the chance to learn about Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. Local villages and farms can also teach you a lot, especially about traditional agriculture. You can learn a craft or how to cook an Indonesian meal. Also, locals will take you through rice fields – a landscape you will never forget.

Seminyak life is generally fast paced. If you schedule smart breaks and relaxing travel activities however, you will not feel drained by the end of your stay.

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Enjoy Safe and Luxury Ride by Chauffeur Services in Melbourne


When you wish to get a punctual, comfortable and reliable ride, then opting for a reliable vehicle hire service in Melbourne would be the best available choice for all kinds of occasion. The good part about chauffeurservices is that they come with tons of benefits. You get these services all across Melbourne that provide you with safe ride wherever you wish to travel. They will also provide you with customized services.

Chauffer services is for all

For business people

Impressing clients mean a lot in business.With chauffeur hire Melbourne servicesyou will get the chance to offer your clients a luxury ride. This will not only help them reach office on time, but will also help you make a better impression.

For travelers

Be it coming back or going to the airport, it tends to be quite a stress filled journey. You would have to ensure that you have all your documents (passport, tickets) and you have to manage your luggage too. When returning back, the lengthy trip’s weariness follows along as an additional weight and you simply want to steer away from any kind of problem or complication. When you hire a car ride that has a driver to take you back to your home, you feel quite relaxed and free from tension.

Directly to Your Home

What if your flint lands late? You do not have to worry about putting up at a hotel or hunt for a train or bus that leads to your required location. When there are drivers waiting for you on time, you need not worry one bit as they will be present at your terminal. You would be taken to your much awaited destination most comfortably—your home!

No delays

If you have to travel in a public transport, you fear about some unexpected delays or getting stuck in traffic jam. However, when you have a driver waiting to take you for the ride, this is not your concern as they will take you to the airport or the destination at the exact time.

Ample space

If you are going abroad for a month or a few weeks, you sure would have several luggage bags to travel along with. In such a case,travelling in a public transport would be taxing and discouraging. But when you have professional drivers they will take care of all yourbaggage and belongings, no matter wherever you wish to go to.

For parents

When both the parents are working, taking your child to and from school could be quite taxing and difficult to manage. But when you hire a chauffeur service in Melbourne your everyday task could turn out being relaxing and easy, both for the parents and the child.


The driver would ensure that they travel comfortably and in the most secure manner. Also adequate seats would be provided if required. There are so many drivers who come with CRB clearances, and this way you can feel at ease that they are in safe and trusted hands.

Be it travelling to the airport or to your office, hiring a professional chauffer service comes as being highly convenient for everyone.

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Popular Types of Accommodation in Seminyak, Bali


Visitors to the wonderful Bali are truly spoilt for choice. There are so many places where they can stay, and anyone can easily tailor just the kind of holiday they want. To make this more manageable, here is a breakdown of all types of accommodation in Bali’s well loved Seminyak:

Budget accommodation in Bali

We understand not everyone can afford hotels or villa rentals. Perhaps you’d want to stay focused on spending your holiday budget on day tours, galleries, markets, dinners and parties and all other unique experiences. Homestays as well as guesthouses are considered budget options for Bali tourists. However, most of these can be found in Ubud, Legian or Kuta instead of Seminyak. These aren’t far from each other, however. Such accommodation will also delight you with its traditional style. Guesthouse prices per room per night can be as low as $20.3

Private Villa rentals

Local developers have built modern villas with all the needed comfort, style and amenities. These can have anything from one bedroom to seven or more, plus the compulsory private pool. This is the kind of accommodation everyone strives to get. The Bali villas Seminyak currently feature a blend of traditional, exotic elements and Western ones, so that visitors are pleased and have a sense of familiarity. The prices aren’t outrageous – on the contrary. You may discover you can actually stay in a private villa for the whole duration of your trip and enjoy perfect privacy. Don’t forget to check the location and the views before you book, as well as the neighboring venues, if applicable. You may not want to be next to a club, for example. Prices begin under $100 per night.

Budget hotels vs. luxurious/boutique hotels

Seminyak offers a range of hotels, many of these being situated right on the beach. Because it’s a trendy place to be in, most will be pricier – although still totally worth it. The good taste and high standards recommend Seminyak hotels as some of the best in Bali. Besides, all these are recently built, since the place got on the touristic map only recently. The costs are low – you may find great options for only $50 a night.

Seminyak apartments

Whether you use Airbnb or booking agents, you can find a flat to rent. Most of these are situated right in the heart of Seminyak. You may find deluxe studios as well, besides the generic flats. All have clean, minimal designs and are well loved by tourists. The price is usually around $100 per night. The downside is that there is no pool to help you cool during the hot days, but you can always make use of a public resort one. Inside the apartment, there will be air conditioning, WiFi, hot water and well equipped bathrooms.

When you select your Seminyak accommodation, there’s more to take into account besides the travel price and the location. If you are one to admire lodgings with character, you may want to pick something more traditional (you can even go as far as choosing traditional village accommodation if you’re daring). Usually, small boutique hotels in Seminyak or building with only several apartments are deemed most attractive, because such places have character. Also, the level of customization cannot be reached by other options, like big chain hotels.


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Six Popular Dive Sites in Oahu


Hawaii is one of the most aesthetically pleasing places for world class scuba diving and marine life. There are so many regions; you might have to extend your trip just to see it all. You’ll be a changed person even if you only have time to visit one. Since you have so many wonderful choices, we have compiled a list of a few popular dive sites in Oahu, Hawaii.

  • Corsair Airplane Wreck

This dive site is about 3 miles away from the Hawai’i Kai marina. What makes it quite stunning is it sits in an upright position within 35 miles of pacific blue waters. Although, it is a site only recommended for advanced divers; since the waters are very rough. The plane sank in 1948 due to a faulty gauge. The pilot landed the plane safely in the water and was rescued. It sank without any damage. Divers must also be careful because the plane does house yellow margin moray eels. You may also find manta rays, stingrays, sharks and tiger sharks.Image result for Six Popular Dive Sites in Oahu

  • Sea Tiger Wreck

This is the deepest shipwreck dive available for recreational scuba divers. It was actually sunk on purpose in 1989 to be used as an artificial reef. The ship is 189 feet long. The deck of the vessel is about 100 feet in depth. In addition, some interesting background information–the former Chinese vessel was first confiscated in the early 1990s for carrying over 90 illegal immigrants into Hawaii. It was then purchased by Voyager Submarines, who sunk the ship. At the dive site, you may find large seat turtles, eagle rays, eels, white tip reef sharks, schools of fish, moray eels and more.

  • Hanauma Bay

This is one of the island’s most popular snorkeling destinations. The water is so clear and full of healthy, colorful, friendly and vibrant fish. Moreover, it is Hawaii’s first Marine Life Conservation District. For these reasons and more, it is also a great dive site. You can’t go wrong with Hanauma Bay.

  • Nautilus Reef

This is a highly-recommended dive site because you get to see white-tip reef sharks swimming all around. You may also see Hawaiian green sea turtles, sea eels, puffer fish and butterfly fish. You might also see some Hawaii octopus. Since it has a maximum depth of 30 feet, advanced and beginner divers can enjoy the scenery.

  • Kewalo Pipe reef

Have you ever considered exploring a pipe? You can take a guided diving tour to the end of the pipe that is 60 feet in depth. It’s quite interesting to see what you might find in and around an underwater pipe. Marine life is open to new options for housing, and this pipe is no exception. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the elusive dragon eel. Don’t forget your underwater camera.

  • YO-257 Shipwreck

This might be the most enthralling shipwreck site in Hawaii. Why? Because you get the see both the YO-257 and the San Pedro shipwreck. So, it is essentially a two-for-one. You will also see schools of eye-catching tropical fish, along with eagle rays and white-tip reef sharks. The maximum depth is 100 feet.

When scuba diving in Hawaii, you can be sure you’ll have an amazing experience every time. Go ahead and make new memories that last a lifetime.

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Nainital nature lovers: make your visit exciting


Among the great destination for travel, Nainital stands perfectly that shines as the sparkling jewel surrounded by lakes in the Himalayan Mountains. Most of the tourists and domestic travelers love the hilly surroundings and lake that welcomes them with the magnificent charm and glory of the nature. The place is dotted with the bungalows, British style cottages and villas and the ideal destination to visit famous Naini Lake and small temple that is dedicated to goddess’s, naina. For the convenience of the people many of the online services offer you with best deals of holiday packages, flight booking and hotels in nainital. You can also book your online tickets with the online yatra services to visit the most attractive spots of the nainital.

The gentle vibes resorts and hotels services are truly fantastic and provide most comfortable accommodation for the people. Away from the bustle and hustle, Manu Maharani Nainital hotel with the stylish and excellent services including well designed interiors are highly rated and adds true value to the place. The hotel compromises of elegant surroundings with the beauty of hill and flawless services. The hotel blends contemporary and traditional charm that builds comfort and relaxation for the customers. Some of the most famous places in nainital welcome you with the pleasant weather and amazing view Such as haldwani, bhowali, ramnagar, bhimtal, naukuchiatal, sattal and kaladhungi.Image result for Nainital nature lovers: make your visit exciting


People enjoying with the advantage of online booking services can also experience some adventurous moments. You can enjoy plenty of exciting activities such as rock climbing, biking, river rafting, horseback riding, yachting, and jungle tours including many more. You can also enjoy bird watching as there are number of species of birds in nainital. You can also spot birding tours in the national parks with the rare species of bird tour. All the services available for you are for the entertainment or to spend quality time with your loved ones. The main key of concern is your safety while one should experience this trek under the professional guidance.


During the planning of the tour people are also provided with the convenient outdoor facilities. You should not compromise with your daily routine or the beneficial activities such as gym, newspaper and steam room, indoor or outdoor games. People can also find the entertainment services such as ghazal evening, local cultural evening and barbeque or bonfire.  The efficient services are also provided with proper arrangements of dining, dance floor and transportation availability with the 24 hours services.

The convenience through the online site can also offer you with exclusive discounts on the travels, accommodation and peaceful places. The quick and advanced services come up with various travel packages so that travelers can choose the services according to their convenience and budget. The extra convenience or facilities may be valuable while you are free to make choice of trip considering the perfect date as per your plan. Simply, book the most convenient and affordable services and enjoy the happy moments of life with your loved ones.

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Vietnam Cambodia Tour 21-Day Tour


Vietnam is a beautiful place to be if you are considering experiencing a new place full of culture, life, ancient history, traditions, temples, and beautiful nature. Hearing all the features of this beautiful place, if you are also thinking that this trip would surely be every costly, then even that is a very big mistake. Vietnam Cambodia Travel is the name that you can trust and have a very good vacation too. You don’t need to spend much money too because we can assure you that we have the best rate that you would have ever come across in our Vietnam Cambodia itinerary 3 weeks package.


  • Your first dinner takes place right in Hanoi as we pick you up from the airport and provide you with the comforts of an overnight stay at a hotel
  • The next day starts with a breakfast followed by different museum and pagoda visits, water puppet shows, and an overnight train journey.
  • The third day commences with arrival in Lao Cai from where you proceed to Cat Cat village with an overnight stay in Sapa.
  • After a delicious breakfast meal, you get transferred to Lao Chai where Dzay people and their daily fantasies can be enjoyed through trekking back to Sapa with an overnight train to Hanoi
  • The fifth day has lots to cover with the fighting cock rock to the Sung Sot Cave, the Dog Rock, Incense Burner Rocks, boat trip and much more with an overnight boat experience.
  • The instructor guides your 6th day at Halong while you can relax, transfer to Halong city followed by stay in Hanoi
  • The rural scenery takes for great enjoyment as NinhBinh rowing boat takes you to Tam Coc with a stay in Hue.
  • The 8th day Hue City tour has Royal Citadel visits Imperial City, KhaiDinh Tomb, Mang Tomb, and an overnight Hue stay.
  • The Hai Van Pass, Lang Co etc., make for a great 9th day while the 10th day is free to explore
  • Day 11 starts with flight to Nha Trang after njoying on your own 12th day with boat trips to Tri Nguyen Aquarium, Mun Island etc.
  • The 13th day and 14th day is full of beach discovery and get transferred to Ho Chi Minh.
  • The reunification Palace, Old Saigon Post Office, jade Emperor Pagoda, Ben Thanh market and many other places etc are open to your avail as you take the Ho Chi Minh City tour towards the Cu Chi tunnels and enjoy the Mekong Delta breakfast and lunch on the 16th day while enjoying the Tortoise Islan, tan Tach natural canal in Ben Tre, fruit plantation in Thoi Son Island to reach Saigon
  • Your 17th day has a flight to Phu Quoc where you live overnight and have the whole 18th ans 19th day to explore the mesmerizing beauty of the islands
  • The 20th day is for short relaxation in the Ho Chi minh city after which your 21st day takes you to the airport for departure.

Hence, with lots of enjoyment, all around be true to yourself and get yourself pampered soon!

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Weekend Gateway in Transylvania


Weekend pick and steps to some relaxed gateway within our favorite devote Transylvania, Valea Verde, Cund village.

You will find occasions when you simply need a calming gateway for that weekend, just enjoy amazing food and wines, have a lengthy walk, read a magazine and rest inside a chaise lengthy throughout the day. Listed here are the stages in the quest for leisure.

Go Ahead And Take TRAIN. By trying once, you may realize it’s the easiest method to arrive who is fit somewhere, whether it’s a visit more than 3 hrs. We required the train to Sighisoara, the five hrs were passing rapidly, speaking and studying and admiring the sights. After that, another 30 min using the vehicle that Valea Verde put in the guests’ disposal. Easy and neat, at 18:30 i was before a glass of prosecco and also the best sunset sights.


The Area. Find (in prior) your preferred place, for all of us it had been easy, Valea Verde, an oasis for body and soul with small houses decorated inside a comfortable spacious rustic way. The proprietors, Jonas and Ulrike, really understand the idea of superior hospitality A couple of days here and you will be ready to defend myself against the planet again.

GREAT Sights. This chilled-out countryside place appears is really a global away. We have had the experience a lot of occasions, but never within the early spring when things are in blossom and also the odor of the new grass strikes. Gaze in to the endless sights, pay attention to the wild birds, looking at countless stars. What else? Marvel in the hillsides around and de-stress like you haven’t had the ability to do before.

GREAT FOOD. Now, Jonas, the dog owner and chef, takes the nation retreat one step further. Memorable foods, trying new food combinations, finding new recipes. We found ourselves eagerly waiting for every meal: truffle pasta, watercress soup, egg inside a walnut crust with dandelion salad, rabbit inside a mustard sauce with asparagus, salty caramel frozen treats and much more.

WINE, WINE BABY. From Clos de Colombes- “Printesa si bobul de mazare” to Mourvédre – Stellenbosch, South-Africa, from 2011 LacertA “Cuvée X” to Rental property Vinea rosé 2014. Exactly what a spoil! Besides, I discovered here the lately released “Romanian book of wines”, by Marinela Ardelean, an intricate guide of top-quality wines.

THE TUNES. Billy Holiday’s jazz and blues were ideal for the climate. For Sunday night they’d this beautiful and gifted 4CELLI – Cameral Concert, featuring functions by Telemann, Kuznetsov and Fitzenhagen.

GOOD READ- “The positive intelligence” by Shirzad Chamine, an excellent book about meeting your challenges by activating an area of the brain that performs much better while creating positive feelings like curiosity, empathy, creativeness, and peace, having a laser concentrate on action. “How full is the bucket” by Tom Rath and Jesse O. Clifton- a grandfather-grand son team explore how using positive psychology in everyday interactions can significantly change our way of life. I loved “Your Wine book of Romania” by Marinela Ardelean, studying about wineries, Romanian kinds of grapes, food pairing and also the great potential the Romanian wines have, not to mention exactly what the best available on the market at this time. An excellent book to possess and also to give like a present. The weekend wasn’t complete without some lines and films on parenting by Urania Cremene. Quite different and enjoyable my listing of studying for that weekend.

SOME SPOILING- for example massage. A masseur with a few information of chiropractic specialist- in the center of the mountain tops- an excellent acquisition for Valea Verde. Husband am pleased. I skipped this part when i had the next days a conference with my own chiropractic specialist in Bucharest.

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