Video Conference Powers Emotional Wage


Maintaining employee commitment and motivation is currently one of the main challenges for managers. If the salary traditionally was the biggest incentive, now employees also give relevance to other factors such as flexibility, family and work reconciliation or academic training. This is stated in a study by the Harvard Business Review, which shows that the link between pay and motivation is very weak. In fact, research suggests that even if we let our employees decide how much they want to earn, they will no longer enjoy their work.

– Internal training and growth opportunities. Having the possibility of acquiring new knowledge, growing professionally and opting for internal promotion are some of the most valued elements. In this sense, knowing that in a company you can start from the bottom, but that you will have the opportunity to train and occupy more relevant positions is an extra motivating factor.

Telecommuting and flexible hours. According to the ERICSSON Flexibility in Work Life report, 32% of employees value working remotely and 43% give flexibility to hourly flexibility, as more and more employees are adopting more flexible lifestyles than allow them to enjoy social life and work and family reconciliation.

– Improve internal communication. It is important that communication should be established in both directions, since sharing information and allowing the participation of workers in decision making is key to increase their commitment to the organization. In this way, you will be a participant in the projects that are being carried out and will strengthen your sense of belonging.

Can Video Conferencing Help Us Motivate Our Employees?

New technologies such as video conferencing can help us work from home to boost the emotional salary in companies. For example, video conferencing allows for internal training through online webinars with total flexibility. The employee can be trained when he has free time, without having to move from his home or his job and with a schedule fully adapted to his needs. Thus, the fact of not having to attend face-to-face classes with rigid schedules allows to fully reconcile work with learning, gain more knowledge and opt for higher positions.

It also facilitates telecommuting and flexible working hours, as it makes it possible to carry out the work tasks from anywhere, and at the same time, host online meetings and negotiations as if you were in the office. But it is not only a matter of avoiding time-wasting or being more relaxed, but also allows you to go to pick up children from school, spend more time with family and make personal arrangements such as going to the bank or doctor. In addition, for those people whose job requires traveling, video conferencing avoids transfers, nights away from home, accumulated fatigue, or in the case of international relations, jetlag. In this way, technology becomes a means of integration between personal and work life.

On the other hand, in the field of communication, it allows employees and directors to work in different venues to communicate face to face, improve empathy, transfers of information and the relationship between them, since it is not the same to receive an email. Participants speak via video conference appreciate the gestures and tone of voice of the other persons.

As we can see, video conferencing has become a fundamental tool in many companies to boost the emotional salary. Thus, professional video conferencing services in the cloud such as ezTalks Cloud Meeting which offers awesome features designed for companies, such as full HD audio and video quality, screen sharing, whiteboard sharing, meeting scheduling, text live chat, meeting record and playback, and more. Besides, it allows users to participate from any device and place through the Internet.s

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What is the fastest provider to send money to the Philippines?


The Philippines is one of the top countries in the world that receives the highest remittance money from abroad. Due to this, a number of money transfer ways are available that transfer money to the Philippines. But, as a customer, you must be aware of the fastest and the most reliable service provider in the money transfer market.

Here, we have discussed the factors influencing money transfer operations and the best service provider that abides by these factors to provide a seamless experience.

Factors Influencing Money Transfer to the Philippines

  • Cost – The service costs vary according to the mode of transfer, transaction time, and the amount of money. Considering these factors, service costs are different for cash transfer and online transfer. A cost-efficient money transfer provider will charge aminimum amount for transferring your money to the Philippines. If you choose to do thecash-to-cash transaction, it will be an expensive affair. If you opt for online transfer, you can save money on theservice
  • Amount –The service costs and the transaction depend on the amount of money that has to be transferred to the Philippines. Some of the money transfer companies charge zero transaction fees for a particular amount of money.
  • Time – The mode of money transfer is dependent on the transaction time as well. For instant money transfers, the operators may charge extra. But, there are companies that provide blazing fast services at nominal transaction costs. We will discuss

Different Ways to Transfer Money

You can choose these methods to transfer money to the Philippines:

  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Third Party Websites such as Paypal
  • Cash Transfer
  • Money Transfer Companies

Fastest and Most Reliable Money Transfer Provider

Based on our research, we think the following money transfer providers are the fastest and most trustworthy for sending money to the Philippines:

  • Instarem offers inter-bank rates on all transactions whether it is a big one or small. As a part of the transaction, they charge its customer only 1% fees or less (which includes inter-day FX fluctuation)
  • TransferWise – There are three benefits associated with TransferWise. First, they operate in most of the countries around the world, including the Philippines. Secondly, their transaction charges are comparatively less than the others. Thirdly, they have the option of providing speedy services. However, this may cost you some extra amount of money.
  • Xoom – After TransferWise, Xoom is a perfect alternative for money transfer to the Philippines. However, sometimes, the payments are declined. This may be due to certain money transfer policies of Xoom.
  • Western Union – There are approximately 6000 branches of Western Union in the Philippines. The Western Union provides both cash transfer and online transfer options. Cash transfer will cost you more. But, if you are seeking fastest money transfer services, we recommend the Western Union. Their transaction charges are on the higher side, but they provide secure transactions in the fastest possible time.
  • Bank Transfer – If you are looking for the most secure mechanism, choose bank wire transfer. But, you need to go through cumbersome formalities and pay a high transaction charge. The money transfer will be as quick as possible.


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