Which Popular Athletes Use Steroids to Gain Muscle Mass and Reduce Body-Weight?


Steroids are a great way to enhance athletic performance. Commonly known as dietary supplements, steroids help a great deal in reducing body-weight and gaining muscle mass. Due to quick effects of steroids, many bodybuilders have turned their way towards dietary supplements. This guide will brief you some more details about how crucial are steroids in the life of athletes.

Dietary Supplements and Athletes

In professional sports, there’s a lot of pressure on bodybuilders, weightlifters and other sportsperson to maintain body-weight. It is important that muscle mass and body-weight of a sportsperson is within limits so that there’s no negative effect on their athletic performance. There are various athletes that use steroids to enhance their performance in the field. Following section will tell you how steroids help to enhance performance of sportsperson and bodybuilders.

What Role Do Steroids Play in Improving Performance?

Though there is no denying in the fact that dietary supplements help a great deal to improve athletic performance of athletes. However, it is important for you to understand that dietary supplements are no magic which can make you slim within fortnight.

It requires lot of hard-work to achieve the desired goals. One should combine dietary supplements with proper diet and regular workouts to see the results. Steroids can help to make your weight-loss journey easier, but the importance of healthy diet and exercise can’t be undermined.

Which Famous Athletes Use Steroids?

There are various popular sportsperson and athletes who use dietary supplements for bodybuilding. Some of these athletes and sportsperson include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terry Crews, Chris Colabello, Diego Maradona, Jay Cutler, Brian Cushing, Mike Tyson, Jose Canseco, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Ronnie Coleman.

These athletes have reported using popular steroids like Anavar, Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone, Dianabol, and Primoblan etc. It has been communicated by these athletes in the interviews that not eating properly can lead to loss in muscle mass. Hence, combining dieting and exercise with steroids can actually work.

In case, you are also willing to lose body-weight using steroids make sure that you consult a health care practitioner before doing anything. This is because every steroid is not suitable to everyone. It all depends upon the user’s physique, sex, height, weight and other factors. Hence, consult your physician on the type of steroid you should take. Further, don’t forget to enquire about the dosage of the steroid.


Hope this guide will help you to take a suitable steroid for weight loss.


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Why Anabolic Steroids Are Very Popular In The Sports Field?

Anabolic Steroids

Steroids are gaining a great popularity in the market day by day these days due to their enormous benefits.  Some of the reasons behind why people use steroids are

  • Under weight: Being underweight can make you look skinny and weak. Using steroids can help you gain some weight and look healthy.
  • Over weight: Not only being under weight is a problem, but being overweight is a problem too. Hence, using steroids like Anavar, Winstrol and Trenbolone will help you in losing your weight and maintain a healthy body.
  • Dwarfism: Dwarfism may be a result of hormonal or metabolic disorders. People suffering from dwarfism will have low confidence level and cannot move freely either with friends or family members. One of the famous steroids, which most of the people use to overcome this problem is HGH. Moreover this steroid is very safe to use than the other steroids available in the market.
  • Weak muscles: Doing workouts regularly can make your muscles painful and weak. Oxandrolone is one famous steroid available in the market, which can make your muscles strong on using regularly.
  • Fragile bones: It is really necessary to have strong bones if you want to make your career in the sports field. Steroids like Dianabol and Anavar can make your bones strong on regular usage.

Apart from the above, steroids are also effective in treating cancer, anemia, arthritis, osteoporosis and AIDS.

How steroid injections can help you?

Steroid injections are very popular in the sports field for different reasons. These injections can produce instant results when you are suffering from joint pain, back pain or body weakness.  There are also few steroids in the market, which are proven to show results on people suffering from hair loss. Besides, steroid injections can be either oil based or water based. However, most of the anabolic steroids are generally oil based.

Using this type of oil based steroids involves injecting an oil based compound which contains some important hormones into the blood stream of a person. Some of the famous oil based steroids include Deca Durabolin, Testosterone Sustanon, Equipoise, Testosterone Propionate, Depo-Testosterone, Injectable Dbol, Nandrolone Phenylpropionate and etc. Whereas steroids like Winstrol and Testosterone suspension are water based.

However, you have to keep in mind that consulting a doctor is necessary before using any type of steroids for weight gain, body building, muscle growth and bone density.  Start your shopping online for steroids right away to enjoy their numerous benefits!


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Planning To Use Anabol For The First Time – Know About Its Results


Steroids are a supplement taken by people to increase strength mainly. The anabolic steroids are the synthetically made testosterone. The testosterone is responsible for giving strength to your body and it is found in both males and females in different quantities.

The anabolic steroids are the most popular steroids because of the result it gives. For beginners, these steroids play a huge role in building the physique. The Anabol dosage for beginners may vary according to their capacity. It is suggested to start the Anabol dosage only after proper consultation.

Benefits of Anabol Only cycles

The steroids have to be taken in definite cycles. There are many people who take Anabol only cycles which help them in many ways

  • The Anabol only cycle is beneficial for everyone, be it a beginner or experienced person.
  • These steroids help in increasing your stamina.
  • Anabolic steroids increase your body insulin thus making your appetite better.
  • The anabolic only cycles help you to retain the proteins in your body.

Anabolic only cycles

To start the anabolic cycles, you need to make a combination of oral plus inject able Anabol steroid. This will help in getting results faster.

  • The beginners should consume the cycles in 25-50 mg of Anabol for 6 weeks. Then stop consumption of steroids for some time.
  • The break in the cycle gives your body to cope up with the sudden changes occurring in the body.
  • The stopping of cycle does not let you lose your strength you had gained during the intake of steroids.
  • Once your body recovers the natural hormone growth of the body, you can again start taking the Anabol steroids.
  • Anabol is a very powerful drug and it can cause harm to your body if you are not used to such heavy dosage.
  • Therefore it is better to keep gaps in the consumption of steroids.

Anabol dosage

Many people specially the beginners have doubts regarding the dosage of Anabol steroid.

  • The anabolic steroids are very powerful and therefore it is suggested to take small amounts of dosages.
  • The beginners can start with 5mg tablets twice or thrice a day depending on their capability.
  • Then increase the dosage as per the recommendation of the experienced person.

Using anabolic steroids has become very common. But, if you want to start the anabolic steroids, make sure that you start the cycles only after knowing everything about steroids in detail.

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What are over the counter diet pills?



Over the counter (OTC) medicines were officially promulgated for a very long time ago. There are many kinds of active ingredients in the form of oral, chewing, spraying, etc., which are sold based on the specific criteria of pharmacological properties and safety. One of the popular over the counter supplements nowadays is weight loss pills.

If you are going to use over the counter diet pills, you need to have basic knowledge about them. Therefore, in this post, I would like to give you some helpful information about over the counter diet pills. Let’s take a look!

What are over the counter diet pills?

Over the counter diet pills are nonprescription, which means you can buy them without any prescription of health professionals. They are usually prescribed by the user, family member or purchased by pharmacy staff or shop assistant. Over the counter diet pills like phentermine are considered non-dangerous products.

In fact, the demand for over the counter medicines of patients and family members is increased due to the influence of drug advertisements on the mass media, or friends and relatives’ suggestion who have used the drugs with similar health problems.

There are also other issues such as the inability of users to visit the doctor due to economic reasons or lack of time; or the patient does not need to see a doctor for a simple health condition, just using over the counter appetite suppressants that work is enough.

How to use OTC diet pills to ensure safety and effectiveness?

To use OTC diet pills to ensure safety and effectiveness, pharmacy staff, salesman has to provide information of the product and consumer must receive full information on how to use, the dose and the maximum daily dose, the using time, how long to use, unwanted effects of the drug, possible side effects, all related issues when taking medicine …

Also, be careful if you are using another medicine to avoid drug interactions. It is best to consult your physician before taking any over the counter weight loss pills.

In addition, it should be warned if the weight doesn’t lose or even gain when taking the diet pills. You should immediately go to the doctor for helpful advice.


In short, both prescription and over the counter medications require proper use. Because of easy purchase, non-prescription drugs should need more caution for users.

Hopefully, the brief information above will give you more knowledge about the use of over the counter weight loss pills. If you like the post, share it to let us know. Thank you so much for reading and have a nice day!


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Rising popularity in steroid usage


Steroids are chemical compounds which are created in a laboratory and allows its users to enhance their performance and workout abilities. As the need for physical perfection and being tremendously fit increases due to rising media culture and social exposure, more and more people are opting for steroids and supplements which help them to gain their perfect body in a lesser time with much less effort. As people become busier and more engrossed in their hectic lifestyle, steroid usage is expected to increase exponentially in the coming times. Steroid usage has also grown increasingly popular due to increasing testimony of bodybuilders who swear by these steroids in enhancing their personal physique.

Various kinds of steroids and their functions

Steroids, since the time they were produced have grown in variety and currently there are many different types of steroids available in the market for varying personalities and body shapes. Though its usage had been limited to the male gender in the earlier years, more and more women are increasingly becoming attracted towards steroids which allow them shape their body in a perfect way in a much lesser time and without a lot of effort. Steroids come in many forms such as injections, creams, pills or tablets. Some of the most popular steroidal effects accompanied by their most defining results on the human body are mentioned below for you to take note of:

  • Muscle Building- most steroids are mainly used by bodybuilders and athletes to gain muscles and increase lean body mass including that of muscle tissues.
  • Fat Loss- Obesity and excessive weight usually force some people to opt for steroids top aid them in their quest towards fat loss. Men and women both use steroids for weight loss and is predominantly popular among the latter.
  • Increasing Strength- Steroids increase the protein synthesis process inside the body and allows the body to produce much more energy by burning fat at a higher level. This is useful for strength based workouts and sports where increased strength directly corresponds to the level of success.  
  • Speed and Stamina- Athletes and sports persons regularly use steroids to increase their speed and levels of stamina. Though use of steroids in high level competitions is banned, many athletes still risk using it to improve their chances of success.
  • Increasing Testosterone levels- steroids help in increasing the testosterone levels inside the body and thus are used by people who have low levels of hormone production and suffer from hormonal deficiency. Steroids are also used to increase sexual activity among deficient patients.
  • Treating diseases- Steroids are also used in treating a wide number of diseases and are also used as a therapeutic agent in some cases. Some diseases which are treated using steroids include osteoporosis, dwarfism and growth deficiency due to low levels of hormone production.

Thus we can condescend from the above given examples that steroids are just not used for any single purpose but have grown increasingly popular due to their application in many types of purposes. Steroids use is also becoming very commonplace among women and all this points towards the fact that the use of steroids in personal and medical issues is here to remain for a long while.



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Why Weightlifters Don’t Wear High Heels? Secrets Revealed


Have you ever wondered why weightlifters avoid wearing high heel shoes? Together, let us know the real reason!

When it comes to footwear, heels are undoubtedly among the greatest contradictions. It gives wearer a much taller appearance and more power. In fact, women have done a number of awesome things whilst wearing heels: running industries, managing political officers and even dead lifting heavy weights.

Sure, high heels can give you an impressive look as well as an air of power and sexuality. However, what could possibly happen to your calves, feet, shins, and ankles? Dealing with an injury is the least thing you want to happen.

So, maybe you already have an idea why weightlifters do not try wearing heels even a single time. Instead, they wear shoes support from custom made orthotics Sydney companies. Yes, this is to prevent injury.

The high-heeled shoes have been associated to the following conditions:

  • Metatarsalgia
  • Stress fracture
  • Calluses
  • Bunions
  • Corns
  • Hammer toes
  • Tendonitis
  • Shortened calf muscle
  • Shortened Achilles tendon
  • Posterior slant
  • Neck pain
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Affects spinal balance
  • Increased low back pressure; and
  • Increased spinal discs stress

High heels are said to be one of the most common causes of foot pain. In fact, some countries reported to treat not less than 100,000 women for high heel related injuries. Most of these injuries were to the foot or ankle, while others involved the neck, torso, knee, head and shoulder.

How to reduce high heel damage?

There are some who find it quite hard to be parted with their valuable heels. Do you belong to them? If so, there’s nothing you should worry about. There are a number of tips you can apply to look visually appealing while producing a good lifting performance.

  1. Consider the heels as your ‘cheat days’. Experts advise weightlifter women to wear high heels merely 2 days per week and sneakers or flats for 3 days.
  2. Keep the limited height of your heels, about 3 inches or less.
  3. Choose heels with wider toe boxes to prevent your toes from being scrunched together.
  4. Consider foot massage and pounding your calves and feet with the use of lacrosse ball in order to reverse or prevent high-heeled damage.
  5. Do not wear high-heeled shoes before your lifting day or competition.
  6. Pad your heels using moleskin. This is to help avoid calluses and cuts.

So, which shoes are best for weightlifting?

It is important for the lifters to choose the right type of shoes as a way to better lifts. It is your personal preference whether or not to ditch your heels entirely and invest in a perfect pair.

Among the good choices for weightlifting shoes are Olympic weightlifting shoes and Chuck Taylors. The raised heel of the Olympic weightlifting shoes makes it easier for lifters to reach greater depth. On the other hand, Chuck Taylors have been recognized to work well for many different lifts, which include dead lifts, Pendlay rows and low bar squats or wide stance.

By having the right pair of shoes and keeping the abovementioned tips in mind, you can lift big while still looking fabulous. If you’re residing near Cogee, you can ask a podiatrist Coogee to give you a prescription of the right custom orthotics accurate for your condition.


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Whether Injecting Steroids would be a Better Option


Are you into bodybuilding? You would be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of using steroids. However, it would be pertinent to mention here that if you desire to have huge muscle mass on your body, you should search for steroids. It may not be wrong to suggest that you should look forward to having the best steroids suitable to your needs. The steroids you intend to buy online should be providing you with the desired results in lowest possible time.

Reaching your body building goals quickly

In order to achieve your body building goals quickly, you should search for the best mode to intake steroids. However, another important thing would be using the most effective and efficient steroid. These may help you gain your desired muscle mass in least possible time. You may need to make the most of the anabolic steroids in prescribed quantity for achieving desired results. The anabolic steroid may be used to gain muscle mass. It is also effective in cutting out the unnecessary fat in your body. The result may be desired physique having best cutting and lean muscle mass to suit your body building needs.

Searching for the best steroids

When searching for best steroids suitable to your bodybuilding needs, you should also inquire about the mode of in taking the steroids. It would help you make your muscle growing needs relatively easy and in a quick manner. For your entire steroid needs, you should surf the online realm. A number of websites have been providing to your needs in the right manner. Therefore, you should look for the best steroid suitable to your body building requirements online from the convenience of your home.

Painful methods of taking steroids

It would not be wrong to suggest that injecting steroids has been a highly painful and harmful method of steroids intake. Therefore, before you actually start with injecting steroids, you should be aware about the side effects it would have on your body. It has been deemed of great importance that you should avoid taking pills, as it would affect your liver directly. On the other hand, injecting steroids would not affect the liver, as it would affect the area where the steroids have been injected.

Precautions for injecting steroids

In event of you injecting steroids, you should have a new needle. It should not be contaminated. You should not inject steroids directly into your veins.


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The Features and Benefits of Winstrol Pills


If you’re wondering why your workout routines don’t produce the results you want, then there’s a brooding sense of anxiety creeping up to you from behind. You might be overweight at the moment and want to get in shape as fast as you can, but simply working out at the gym might not provide quick weight loss results. Winstrol might be an option for you, but you might not have the right amount of knowledge and understanding about this performance enhancing drug.

Before You Buy

Before you excitedly purchase Winstrol off of the market and start hitting those weights at the gym, there are some factors that need dire consideration before you start consuming this particular anabolic steroid. The main traits to consider are the following:

  • You’re willing to be patient.
  • You’re willing to take the time in understanding how the pills work.
  • You understand that you might encounter some side effects.
  • You must be reasonably healthy.
  • You’re not looking for miracle overnight solutions.

The Pros and Cons of Using Winstrol

Like any other anabolic steroid on the market, Winstrol does have its own set of positives and negatives. Some of its advantages include an increase in physical strength, accelerates protein synthesis, enhances the retention of nitrogen in the body, isn’t harmful to the liver (in recommended dosages), and it can work for both men and women.

As for its drawbacks, the intake of Winstrol can negatively interact with certain medications, especially with diabetes pills. Furthermore, there will be a slight increase in cholesterol levels, and even a higher risk of high cholesterol if the dosage is increased. Also, there might a joint discomfort included with the consumption of the steroid. However, consumers can also use joint supplements to counteract joint stiffness that comes with Winstrol.

Winstrol’s Features and Benefits

Despite some shortcomings and drawbacks, testimonials from different Winstrol users are mostly positive. Here’s a look at some of its features and benefits:

  • Oral Drug

Winstrol can come as an injectable drug, but those with a light tolerance to pain might not consider this route as bringing the anabolic steroid straight to your bloodstream can come with intense pain. Luckily, there are oral versions of Winstrol, and it’s a preferred choice for many individuals, bodybuilder or not. Most oral versions of the Winstrol drug have the same dosage as its injectable versions, so going the “pointy” route might not even be an option for most people.

  • No Prescription Required for Purchase

The traditional steroid requires a doctor’s prescription before a purchase can be granted to the consumer. However, Winstrol doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription if you plan on purchasing a bottle. Also, the usage is even limited to a specific manner, so there’s no need to consult a doctor if you plan on purchasing the drug through online means.

  • Results Take Place as Early as Two Weeks

Winstrolresults can appear as early as two weeks, and this is reasonably fast for anyone who wants quick results. Albeit it’s still not an overnight wonder, it’s still an advantageous timeframe for anyone who wants quick weight and fat loss results.

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Anavar: Possible side effects


Anavar is one of the popular anabolic steroids which are widely used by bodybuilders around the world. It is known to create minimal side effects due to which it is a favoured steroid by many. It has a wide acceptance too. It is widely used by female athletes and bodybuilders around the world due to its unique property of not bulking up on an intake. Also, it is a type of steroid that does not cause water retention problems. This doesn’t mean it creates cent percent positive results. But people who have used this product claim to have produced gains and other notable improvements which push asides the minimal side effects. It is one of those products which need to be thoroughly studied before deciding to use it. Before rushing into using a particular steroid, it is better to make a detailed study. So before using it, it’s always good to know more about Anavar’s side effects, some of which has been discussed below.

Blood pressure issues

One of the notable and most common issues among Anavar users is blood pressure issues. As you know, almost all steroids are associated with negative effects, some of which can lead to dangerous problems. Steroids are synthetic substances which alter and improve the production of testosterone in the body. What it usually does is suppress the production of natural testosterone in the body. Though Anavar does not create a significant suppression, the harmful effects it can have on the body is something everyone should take into account before using it. Blood pressure issues are common in people using Anavar. So if you are already suffering from blood pressure issues, it is best advised not to try this steroid.

Cholesterol issues

This is a dangerous side effect of Anavar. It is trouble when the HDL cholesterol gets suppressed which is what the Oxandrolone hormone does. It can also increase the LDL cholesterol which is often referred to as bad cholesterol. This is a serious issue which if not dealt with, can lead to other health problems. So people who have any cholesterol issues should avoid using it. However, if you are one among those people who claim to have a healthy lifestyle, proper and responsible use of this steroid along with a routine workout and strict diet, won’t cause any serious damage.

Other side effects

If used excessively, it can cause heart diseases, heart attacks, reduced rate of bone growth, immediate changes on skin and face, acne on arms and face, vomiting, stroke, damages to liver, improper mood swings or hair loss. It can also lead to depression and can lower your concentration levels. Overusing it might also result in increased/decreased sexual desires. Some of these symptoms might not occur on using this steroid, it might occur when you stop using it suddenly. So before resorting to giving Anavar a try, it is best advised to know more about Anavar’s side effects. If any of these symptoms persist, do not hesitate to pay a visit to your doctor.


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Tribulus Terrestris – Secret behind building lean muscle and enhancing stamina


Tribulus Terrestris is a medicinal plant extract, which contains steroidal saponin that increases luteinizing hormone level and is responsible for the elevation of testosterone production in male testicles. Tribulus Terrestris supplements are very popular among bodybuilders, athletes and weightlifters, as it helps them to fulfill their desire to build more lean muscle mass, increase muscle strength and develop endurance naturally without attempting to try any illegal drugs or steroids.

Advantage of Tribulus Terrestris over other drugs

As Tribulus Terrestris is a natural component, it is 100% safe from health and legal perspectives. For any sportsman it is always desirable to speed up their performance by any means. Some of them also use prohibited drugs, which might put them in trouble, but usage of Tribulus Terrestris for power and strength is absolutely safe, as it is purely natural. The other physical and psychological benefits of taking Tribulus Terrestris supplements include:

  • Increased muscle strength
  • Immense muscle gain
  • Improved libido, reduced erectile dysfunction, satisfactory sex life
  • Increased fertility in men
  • Fast recovery and restoration of muscle after intense workout
  • Improved overall physical strength, stamina and courage
  • Reduced side effects of andropause
  • Improved blood circulation and heart condition

Psychological benefits

  • Improved nervous system
  • Reduced sleep apnea and faster recovery from injuries due to sound sleep
  • Increased concentration
  • Stimulation of good mood
  • Reduced depression and stress

As these supplements are made from herb and plant extract, they have no major side effect, but it is still recommended to be well informed about the pros and cons of any product before using.

Boost confidence with Tribulus Terrestris supplement and achieve your dream physique

These days, everyone wants to look good. Especially teenagers spent a good amount of their time in gyms with the desire to improve their muscle mass, fitness, power and, most importantly, appearance. Regular exercise alone will not only take longer time, but most gym-goers will also get demotivated mid-way. But, with Tribulus Terrestris it is easy to achieve the goal quickly and safely. It gives a very fast result, and getting these supplements is hassle free as one can get them over the counter without any prescription from a doctor, or can even order them online. As they are in the form of tablets, one can avoid painful injections too. Tribulus Terrestris supplements can be combined with other supplements for getting better results.


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