How To Buy Long Lasting Good Quality Garments


The era which we are living in is based on consumerism where there is a trend of fast sale and sale going on in the in the lives we live. This is the era where we argue that the life of the products made in the industries is not so much as it used to be. The products being made are not that much robust as they used to be and the reason that is given is the heavy production of the product and there is also word that they are made weaker or of low quality so that they get damaged and thus the owner may need to buy a new one thus feeding this process of consumerism.

To validate this theory is not in my hands and I just can’t say that how much truth it holds but certainly this is also the case with the clothes. The clothes are no longer that robust or strong as they used to be earlier days and nowadays we can find a hole in even new jeans just after 2-3 washes or a shirt losing all the colour and look very bad and old or we can always see some threads coming out from a very new shirt which threaten to damage the piece permanently. Nonetheless what ever the way or the reason be but the clothes that we get nowadays are not that strong as they used to be and no doubt that there may have been effects of this consumerism on the quality but the complete scenario cant be blamed on that and there are also we to get the blame because going out for cheap clothes will always result in poor quality and we will all agree to it that there have been increment of prices everywhere but we seek to find clothes on prices we had purchased the previous year and that has become the mentality of the general public and thus when there s a demand there has to be supply which is the basic principle of the economics. Even companies like Indian Terrain, levi’s, duke etc are forced to sell a little poor-quality material to remain in sales because there is demand at that particular rate and this deduction or degradation in the quality becomes the main reason as to why the clothes become tattered or shabby after one wash r why they develop holes.

To purchase clothes that last long there are many factors that you should look out for and the most prominent of them would be size. People usually don’t consider size to be a factor of clothes other than it being a deciding factor of fitting, but size has a much bigger role to play and size ought to be right as when size isn’t right the stitching and fibres of the clothes are under large pressure getting it undone. Thus, when it comes to size you should always look out.

The second culprit would be the cheap price tag. When we buy new clothes it is good if we go with the brands because these are the companies which have a name to keep in the market and the chances of their product coming out to be faulty is very less because they have a very big client base to cater to and that keeps them at their best. Brands like the Indian terrain, duke, Raymond’s are always in competition against each other and that is what keeps them at their best and results in good products for us. One should look for the quality of clothes rather than the cheaper price tag on it.

While shopping always go through the contents of the fibre by which the product has been made and then always feel the fabric and let your hands judge the fabric rather than the label. The last thing would be to slight check by stretching or sorts along with checking the stitching to make sure that it would not come undone anytime soon.          

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Current Fashion Trends of Millennials in the US


Fashion is the one thing that always changes and it is actually starting to become predictable. Millennials are perceived to have a completely different taste from people who come from different generations probably because of the environment they are in and the influence of celebrities and social media also affects the taste of millennials when it comes to fashion. When they see something that is new and very popular on the internet, they always think to themselves that they really have to have it. We are not just talking about the trends on clothes here, but also all kinds of things that are involved in fashion such as cosmetics, shoes, and other things related to these.

Everyone has seen the fashion sense before this generation had changed the standards for the way people dress. People then were more into the classics. The millennials today have been proven to be really attracted to bright colors, but it seems that the fashion sense today goes back to the way people dressed before. Almost everyone then would probably just wear classic plain shirts and jeans because obviously, that kind of fashion does not really go out of style, and it seems that some of the millennials in the United States of America seem to be thinking the same way. There is evidence all over social media, including celebrities that go out on a regular day, they really just seem to want to look very “chill” and so they go back to the basics and stick to them because basic is somehow always “in.”

What every millennial should also have today is a pair of white sneakers. In fact, one pair is not even enough because not every design is similar with the other designs and millennials just have to have every kind of pair. Agreeing with millennials, white sneakers seem to be a really good investment because they literally seem to match whatever it is you are wearing. Another trend today that has already existed before and has already been loved by the previous generations is the culottes. It is basically just a more stylish type of pants and again, surprisingly, it matches most shirts that anyone could wear every day.

The biggest thing that could really influence the millennials’ perspective and view of things is social media. The world today practically revolves around social media and it is definitely a must have for every one of the millennials to be a part of the popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. There are advantages and there certainly are disadvantages as well.

As mentioned, millennials use social media in order to be up-to-date and to be able to keep up with celebrities and new trends. While this may be helpful for millennials, there may also be a downside, but it is definitely good that it is not only the fashion trends that can be found on the internet but also news about certain issues concerning other things including the economy and politics and since they are not exactly into television anymore, millennials in the US can keep up with whatever is happening online and most of the time, Trump news is readily available on the internet and even on social media sites.

Millennials, not limited to those who live in the United States, is a whole new generation and they literally have different perspectives on so many things in so many different levels. They always want to keep up with the trends that social media is trying to convey to them. These millennials will always want to try what is new so even if the fashion trend they are into right now can just change in one click.

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6 Excellent Tips To Wear Strapless Bridesmaid Dresses With Full Confidence And Comfort


AIf you are going to be a bridesmaid soon and your bride friend declares that she wants you to wear a strapless dress, it may be daunting for you to obey her, especially if you have never worn a strapless dress before.

While helping your bride friend and then dancing for the whole night, you may find it difficult to manage your strapless dress.

Actually a strapless dress is amazing and offers a great style to your personality. But you should wear it with confidence and comfort. Therefore, here are tips for you to rock in your strapless dress.

1. Be Keen about Boning

If yours is a tube dress, you won’t get much support up top. But if you have got a bit of boning in the bodice, the dress will be much structured. Such a structured, high-quality strapless dress retains an hourglass figure even if it’s on a hanger and there are no formless sacks.

When there is a subtle boning on the strapless dress, it keeps it from falling down.

2. Make Friends with Rubber

Look for a strapless dress that has a thin silicone rubber strip lining the entire top seam from inside. This rubber will provide resistance against your skin making it less likely to fall down.

It’s a bad scene that a woman is wearing a lovely dress and tugging on it constantly. The rubber insert will save you from such a scene by keeping the dress adhered to your skin without needing a sticky tape.

You can get a range of best quality bridesmaid dresses Gold Coast with built in silicone gripper band.

3. Your Next Friend Should be Sticky Tape

If you have got a strapless dress that doesn’t have the thin rubber gripper, a fashion tape can come to your aid. A fashion tape is designed so as to not damage your clothes. Moreover it will serve as a lifesaver in an embarrassing situation that arises when a neckline begins heading south.

To work this out, achieve a super quick fix by using two strips at the front side of your strapless dress. Stashing some extra strips in your purse will only help particularly if it will be a late night. You cannot predict when you will need a bit of reinforcement.

4. Make Friends with Safety Pins too

When you are falling short of two-sided tape, consider using some safety pins instead. You won’t believe but the trick works wonderfully. Pin your bra with safety pins to the dress. It’s super easy and a real quick fix.

Just make sure you pin it from the inside of your dress to avoid eyes drawing towards the silver shiny tiny object.

Same way, you can pin at the back too. Take help of a friend for this.

5. Never Go Braless but the Bra Should be Strapless

Do you consider strapless bras messy? But they can be lifesavers when you want to wear a strapless dress. They will give your frock a good support to grab on and of course, add a shape to the bodice.

There are hordes of different styles available on the market nowadays; so, you can choose a style that suits you the most.

Maybe you are very much tempted to wear a bra with straps with your strapless dress; but please don’t, because it will never look good.

6. Try it in the Dressing Room

When you want to try a tricky thing like a strapless dress, you better try it first in the dressing room. In the room, raise your hands and bend forward to ensure it doesn’t fall down. This will make you confident that it won’t make you awkward on the dance floor with a nip slip!

Choose one of the most perfect strapless bridesmaid dresses from Bridesmaids Only and look stunning in the bridal party.

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How to get an attractive look by wearing designer lehenga


Wearing lehenga is one the best choices for weddings, engagements, and any other traditional and casual festivals.  Most of the times women’s are dreaming of wearing lehenga, but it cost is more expensive. But Now you can buy the lehenga at an affordable cost of price with high quality of materials. Before that, you should know about the tricks to choose the designer lehenga through online.

What kinds of body shape suits for the lehenga?

The grand and fashion attire of lehenga would suit for all kinds of body shape but designs only change your look. So before purchasing the designer lehenga, you could choose the perfect designs like colors, shape, sleeve designs and much more.  If you are tall, you can wear heavy lehenga with full sleeve and low neck. The short bust can wear the lightweight lehenga that makes them feel comfortable and cool at the same time you look attractive.

How to choose the quality of lehenga?

The designer lehengas are come up with plenty of fabrics like chiffon, nylon, cotton, silk and much more with outstanding designs so you can choose the fabrics as per your budget and comfort zone.  And you can go for some stiff fabric as it will stand straight and help you to obtain that desired curves on your body.  On the other hand, the simple fabric made lehenga has amazing stone work, embroidery work that makes your look elegant and impressive.

Can slim bodies get beauty by wearing lehenga?

Of course, the slim body gets amazing appearance when they are wearing lehenga like the designer lehenga could add the additional volume to your body type and contribute you to look perfect for your special events like weddings, engagements, and any other events.

How to match up your appearance with your girlfriend look?

Men wish to make their appearance smart and attractive when women’s are more beautiful than men. Now you can buy sneakers online India that will improve your smartness and look instantly. Then you can easily match up your beauty to your girlfriend.

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How to Buy Attractive Fashion Jewellery To Get A Charming Look


Are you serious about on-going fashion trend? Kraftly is the best place to buy fashion related products at discounted rates. Most importantly you can buy beautiful fashion accessories including earrings, neck sets, etc. usually every woman likes to look attractive at the same time beautiful, so they are always looking forward to the beautiful range of fashion earrings.  No matter the occasion there are plenty of fashionable earrings for girls available under different categories. Latest stylish earrings are always in demand among all age groups of women. In general, the right choice of earrings makes women appear more glamorous and special.

Fashionable Earrings For Girls:

When it comes to choosing fashion accessories, you have endless options, but the perfect choice of fashion accessories allows them to achieve the desired look.  Of course, nothing is better than choosing classicjewellery. Due to this online brings an extensive collection of earrings, chains, rings, necklaces, jewellery sets, etc.  So it can be the perfect place to shop for unusual jewellery. With the excellent choice ofjewellery, you will create a fashion statement.

Outstanding Collection Fashion Jewellery:

 Even you can also buy silver and gold plated jewellery that allows you to get customized look. If you are really interested in buying an attractive range of jewellery for weddings and other celebration, you must consider online stores because online shops always updates outstanding collection fashion jewellery that surely helps you to get a charming look as well as that also gives extra beauty.

Trendy Jewellery Collections:

Now you have great options to find the jewellery based on your occasion. Even fashion jewellery also made with some precious stones that also give a rich look; most importantly you can pair it with different kind of outfits. Currently, anyone has possibilities to shop beautiful collection of artificial jewellery online from the comfort of their home. An earring can elevate your general look at the same time adds more elegance to your look. When it comes to shopping fashion jewellery, you have plenty of options and amazing designs made up of different materials that also include wood, glass, plastic, alloys, faux pearls stones and metal.

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Why the wooden Tidlo sets are are best till date?


If you are want to acquaint your kid with the universe of model railroading, you can give them Toy show Trains. There are numerous makers of model Trains in the market yet the greater part of them item the exceedingly itemized ones. If you need to buy Toys Trains, you can look at these things.

This is an audit of the Tidlo 50 piece Wooden Train set made by John Crane Toys. It is an affectionately made figure of 8 set that contains all that you have to begin playing. This could be considered as a starter set as it is one of the littler sets available and has everything required getting a youthful Train driver began. It is good with all other Wooden Train brands thus can be blended with BigJigs, Brio, or John Crane sets without an excess of issue. The main kind of Toy model railroad that this won’t work with is the plastic adaptations made by Fisher Price or Matel.

The Train set of Tidlo by John Crane accompanies a brilliantly shaded Train and three similarly splendid traveler carriages. It has a sum of 50 pieces and has many cool supplementary parts, for example, a painted block work impact connect. It additionally accompanies loads of fun structures: two houses, activity lights, a stop sign and four arch lines and obviously a station for the Train to stop at. There are likewise a few trees, shrubberies and 4 yard creatures that your tyke can play with. It has a ton of fun wooden figures of a post man and youngsters that include a truly decent touch.

Wooden Train sets are for the most part produced using a squeezed Wood composite and in that capacity the cost of the materials utilized can bigly affect the quality and in this way to what extent the Train tracks will last. This set uses better than average quality items and is presumably one of the stronger available. The Wooden track fits cozily together and makes a decent and durable figure of 8 when amassed. I think individuals purchase Wooden Toys in light of the fact that they need them to last. Your child will play with a portion of the old Wooden Train sets from your youth and that his kids will play with some of his sets. It is truly vital to get a decent quality set that will last and this is unquestionably such a set.

The Tidlo by John Crane set is, I trust, great incentive for cash. It is one of the all the more decently estimated sets available yet has the same number of components as its rivals and as examined above, is truly solid. You can hope to pay amongst £17.00 and £30.00 for a figure of 8 wooden starters set contingent upon what make you go for and what number of components you need.

These are the most well known brands that you can rely on with regards to Toy demonstrate Trains. Why not look at them now and you have the capacity to give your kid the ideal Gift? Give them a chance to appreciate Trains and as they develop more seasoned, you can get the very natty gritty ones.

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A wide fashion following


Palazzo pants  are long ladies’ pants cut with a free, amazingly wide leg that flares out from the waist.Palazzo pants are famous as a late spring season style, as they are free flowing and have a tendency to complement in light, streaming textures that are breathable in hot climate. Silk crepe/crape, jersey,and other normal fiber materials are mainstream textures for this dress. Palazzo pants are less seen in the winter months, yet they might be found in fleece or engineered textures too.

Here are a few tips for you to remember when you spruce up in this Palazzo:

Play with fits while choosing clothes for men: Always pick a not really baggy top, ideally something that matches up with this distinct dress to fit pieces of clothing. This adds  to your look.

Go for printed tops: Since these Palazzo are normally monochrome, regardless of the possibility that they have prints, the most ideal approach to guarantee you bring out  the emphasis of  your outfit would be through wearing a top of differentiating print.Image result for A wide fashion following

There are some things that you must keep into serious consideration when you buy salwar suits online.

Among the various types of conventional clothing types, salwar kameez is a standout amongst the most famous choices. Enjoyed by ladies of all age assembles, this outfit can be worn on easygoing, casual, exceptional and also on formal events.  The cuts and fittings of various types of salwar kameez likewise change contingent upon the outline.

Online stores offering ethnic Indian ensembles have extraordinary assortments of salwar kameez in their store and one can peruse through the stocks over and over before settling on the ultimate choice.

Material of the salwar kameez

Cotton is the most favored texture of designer suits for women but forevents and parties, salwar kameez made of chiffon, georgette, silk, brocade, tussar and so forth can be purchased

Style of salwar kameez

It is imperative for you to know as which style of the outfit will suit you best. What’s more, this principally relies on upon the sort of figure or appearance that you have

Shading, enrichment and embellishments

While obtaining architect salwar kameez on the web, check for the shading, the embellishments and different sorts of enhancements.  Settle for lighter shades with insignificant embellishments and beautification for day events.

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Pair Your Jeans and Skirts with the Best and Turn a Few Heads  


From runway shows to everyday events, jeans and skirts rule. Women across the world find solace in these fashionable and easy to accessorize outfits. Here are a few style tips that will help you pair your jeans and skirts with the most fashionable accessories.

Jeans and T-Shirts: The Perfect Pair

Fashion editors, stay-at-home mothers, or working women, jeans and T-shirts are the go-to outfits for women across the globe. Here are a few ways to spruce up this classic combination.

Image result for Pair Your Jeans and Skirts with the Best and Turn a Few Heads

Casual and work appropriate: Try the jeans with a simple T-shirt, printed scarf or boots. By adding a vintage themed watch or tinted sunglasses or a signet ring, you can keep the style subtle yet classy. If you want to have a semi-casual work wear, pair your blue jeans with pointy toe shoes, white T-shirts, a classic leather bag and a chunky metal watch. Make sure that you pick a neutral color bag. Push your sleeves a bit, wear bangles and a less ornate neckpiece, and get out to work.

Bomber and Mules: There is one thing that can never go wrong with a pair of black jeans for women. You guessed it right; we are talking about the bomber jacket. Dig out the bomber that is hidden somewhere in your wardrobe and pair it with your classy black jeans. You get an instant makeover. For the shoes, just pull out the mules and put them on. There is nothing trendier than a pair of mules with skintight or wide legged jeans.

From dinner parties to bar hopping to dancing bashes, a pair of jeans can indeed be a women’s savior.  There are no hard and fast rules. Experiment and find your style.

Skirts Are Here to Stay

Long or short, printed, strips or single color, skirts can save your day. Done well, they can make you look super cool and relaxed. Here are a few tips to wearing them in style. For instance, if you are wearing long skirts, you can team them up with T-shirts or chic blouses. Grab a simple wallet or bag and wear any neckpiece that you like to complete the look. Mini skirts can be worn with T-shirts, blouses or matching separates. High boots can be used to complete the look. Buy skirts online and make a bold style statement today.

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Palazzo pants, back with a bang


Palazzos used to be a rage in the 60s and thank God they are back again. For all the people who love hipster clothing, palazzo pants coming back into fashion is like a boon. Be it with stylish kurtis or a tank top, teaming palazzos up with something to make an amazing style statement is not that hard. Here are a few options for you to team your palazzo with a comfortable yet stylish look:

  • Stylish kurtis – Yes, palazzo pants got back in the fashion game with stylish kurtis. Remember Kareena Kapoor Khan in Bodyguard. Long stylish kurtis and palazzos are all for a classy combination. They are perfect for office wear and even for a casual party. This combination definitely brings out the ethnicity in a super elegant fashion.Image result for Palazzo pants, back with a bang
  • T-shirts – The simplest way you can wear your palazzo is with a simple pair of tees. Balance the prints. In other words, with a heavy printed palazzo, a simple, single colour tee would be perfect and vice versa. The look can be completed with chunky bangles and long neck pieces.
  • Tank tops – This pair cannot go wrong in anyway. The flowy palazzo pants are a perfect match with fitting tank tops. A simple yet extremely chic statement can be made with this pair. To top it on, chunky jewellery would look great.
  • Long sleeved fitting shirt – This is a very flamboyant and elegant way to wear palazzos. Pairing them up with a lacy top creates great casual party clothing. Long neck chains and ear studs go perfect with this look.
  • Crop tops – This combination is so good that almost every celebrity has worn this combination at least once. This pair is a perfect match. Long sleeved or short sleeved, lace or velvet, any sort or kind of crop top, if paired with the stylish palazzo, can look great. The best part about this look is that it is open to experimentation.
  • Palazzo suits – This is an extremely gorgeous, bridal party wear option. Pair a gorgeous salwar with a flowy palazzo pant, and you are all set for a mehendi occasion. Well, indeed an amazing way to entirely change the look of salwar suits!
  • Going formal – A formal or work wear would be made of palazzo pants with this brilliant combination. Team up that petite white shirt with a cream colored palazzo or go monochrome; white shirt black palazzo or vice versa.

There are innumerable ways to fashion those palazzos, but the most important part is to be confident about yourself and carry what you are wearing with grace.

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5 Utilitarian Tips to Build an Appealing Wardrobe without Breaking the Bank


Why should only girls have a stylish wardrobe? Even men want their own wardrobe loaded with fashionable stuff these days. So, every man needs to shop around for the best clothing and make their wardrobe look stylish. Here are some tips that can help you build a stylish wardrobe this season without breaking your bank.

Initial Research

You need to look for online fashion portals built especially for men. You can even search online to read a few styling tips. Keep an eye on raging trends inspired by the celebrities.

Determine Your Shopping Budget

Make sure that you choose a reasonably priced store. Designer brands are of higher quality when compared with the normal ready-to-wear offerings. However, it is possible for you to find clothing in mid-range prices, without sacrificing on quality or the style quotient.

Buy As Many Items As You Can Within Your Budget

You need to have all the basic things in mind in order to build up your wardrobe. Look at the seams and hems where the fabric is stretched. The seam should be uniform and straight. You shouldn’t see any holes or gaps. All buttons should be secured without any loose strings. You need to feel soft and strong, depending on the fabric. Some men’s shirts add flair to your personality, but you don’t really have to pay through your nose.

Keep Pace with the Latest Trends

You need to update yourself on the current trends from latest magazines, websites, and TV shows. Adding more essential wear to your wardrobe is important. Perhaps, you can look for a cardigan, sweater vest, or blazer. You have many options to fill your expanded wardrobe. If you dress up a lot, then you can include more ties, different patterns of color shirts, dress shirts, denim jeans, and more.

Pairing Them Up With the Right Accessories

You can include a second suit in a different shade and also a pair of shoes and sunglasses for men. You can also include a pair of skinny jeans along with a cardigan. A decent collection of watches for men to go with different clothes is also important.

Look around, get inspired and keep adding new things to your wardrobe. Make your wardrobe look more versatile. Do not forget hats, belts, ties, and also scarves. Accessories for men aren’t quite expensive when compared with those for women. There are many choices to add extra style. Take advantage of the choices available at your disposal, and build a wonderful wardrobe.

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