Crack in Your Windscreen? Here’s Why You Should Never Ignore It


At some point, most drivers will experience a small chip or crack in the windscreen of their car. This is a very common problem, however, as a driver, you may not realise just how dangerous letting a chipped windscreen go unchecked can be. Even if it’s only the smallest bit of damage, here’s why it’s always better to be safe than sorry when you find a crack or chip in the windscreen of your vehicle.

1.      Cracks Can Cause Distractions:

Even dealing with the smallest crack in your windscreen can quickly become an unwanted distraction on the road. Depending on the location of the crack or chip in the windscreen, driving without having it repaired could even prevent you from seeing the road ahead clearly, which will compromise not only your own safety, but that of others on the road.

2.      It Could Be Illegal:

Since driving with a crack in your windscreen can be so dangerous, then if a road police officer catches sight of it, they are probably going to pull you over and make sure that you get it repaired. In severe cases, you may not even be allowed to drive your car any further if the authorities deem it too dangerous to be on the road. So, if you want to stay out of trouble, it’s really not worth driving to anywhere except the auto repair shop if you find windscreen damage. You can find mechanics offering car glass repair in Penrith.

3        Less Protection On Impact:

If you were to be involved in an accident with another vehicle whilst driving with a crack in your windscreen, then the damage to your vehicle and even to yourself could be greater. The windscreen is essentially made up of two separate layers of glass, with a vinyl resin layer in the middle, which keeps the glass in place during an impact and prevents the glass from flying around and causing any more damage. When the windscreen is cracked, the windscreen will not be prevented from cracking and flying in pieces if you crash.

4        You Might Not Be Insured:

Driving without valid insurance is a risk that you really don’t want to take as a driver, as if anything happens on the road, problems with your car could mean that you’re not able to claim on your insurance policy to pay for the repairs. Depending on the type of auto insurance policy that you have, you may need to ensure that your car is always in good condition and legal to drive on the road in order to be covered. So, be sure that you read your policy small print if you’re planning to drive with a crack in your windscreen.

5        It Sets a Bad Example:

Lastly, it’s important for all drivers to be as responsible as they can and make sure that they set a good example on the roads, especially to younger, new drivers. Driving sensibly and safely is the best example to set, and the more people that do so, the safer our roads will be.

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The progo 3000 scooter: A must-have for commuters


The automotive industry till date still ensures that it builds its devices around a principle not to harm the environment. As a result, several models of electric machinery got developed but still, there are several other clean fuel alternatives that fit well in this category.

Then came the suggestion for a Los Angeles-based company to produce a scooter, which would be operated by propane. Well, it took the company over two years to get this scooter to the market. It is a scooter that would offer the same performance of the generic gas scooter and at the same time brings little or no harm to the environment like the electric scooters. Yes, this is the Progo 3000 scooter and it is for real.

What to expect from the Progo PS3000

The weight of this propane powered machine is just 35 lbs. and this does not stop it from being able to carry loads of about 200 lbs. With just between $300 to 400, one would be able to purchase this 25 cc four-stroke engine scooter with disc brakes. It comes with a gas container that can take 16.4oz propane gas and it is replaceable. A single charge of this scooter can travel a distance of 48 to 64 kilometers at a speed of 20 mph.

It is designed using a rugged steel frame that enables easy mobility and comfortable storing. In as much as you can easily use this as a commuter vehicle to beat traffic jams, there is no problem when it comes to getting a place to park. It is easily foldable and can be carried indoor for storage.

The main characters of the Progo 3000 propane powered scooter

When talking about the main features, one must not ignore the fact that this machine can be triggered to work with one easy pull, brought to halt with the help of the rear and front disc brakes and the thumb throttle used to set it in motion.

Talking more about its weight and physical appearance; the 35 lbs. weight of this scooter sits on 8” tires. There’s a 90-day warranty on this product for replacement of parts.

Unlike the electric scooters that you have to plug in to charge, the Progo is faster because you just need to switch or refill the propane gas tank in every 3 hours of constant travel.

Some notable advantages of its fuel – propane

Let’s begin with the price factor; propane gas is cheaper to acquire that gasoline. Aside from gasoline containing some additives that are harmful and increase octane volume, it also has a negative influence on the body of a human. Such additives are absent in propane. When propane burns, it does not pollute the environment unlike the harmful emission from gasoline combustion. Well, the CARB and EPD approval of the PROGO PS3000 can be easily explained here, making it absolutely legal for use in the United States including places like California that forbids the use of a lot of gas scooters. With the long list of advantages and benefits that the Progo 3000 has to offer, it becomes a win-win option for a majority of commuter.

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Signs Your Vehicle Needs a New Battery

auto repair

 The battery acts as a ‘heart’ for your vehicle – without it, your car or truck would be unable to function at all. As a vehicle owner, the fact that the battery is so crucial means that it’s important for you to know a little bit about it. When you drive regularly, one of the most important things that you’ll need to be aware of is how to spot when your vehicle is in need of a battery repair or replacement. Here are some of the most common tell-tell signs to look out for when it comes to vehicle battery repair

Engine Cranking But Not Starting

If you got in your truck this morning and the engine cranked up when you put the key in the ignition but did not start, this is one of the biggest signs that you might need to start looking at new truck batteries. Although there are some other reasons for your engine cranking but failing to start up, most often, the problem is with the battery. You may be able to get your vehicle moving again for a while by simply jump starting it, however, if you’ve had this problem it’s always best to get it checked over by a professional mechanic, too.

Your Vehicle is Dead

Getting in your car to go to work, take the children to school or pick up groceries from the shops only to find that it’s not working at all can be a very frustrating situation. If there is no power coming from the engine, no lights, or any sort of life from your vehicle, it’s highly likely that the battery has died and will need replacing. Since your battery powers all of the lights and other accessories in your car, if nothing is working, the power source is usually at fault.

Intermittent Starting Problems

Is starting your vehicle in the morning always a case of hit and miss? If your truck or car will start up and run fine one day but refuses to budge the next, this is a huge sign that there is something wrong with the battery. For example, this could signify that the battery terminals are loose or the battery power is being drained by something that’s supposed to be turned off when the vehicle is not in use. Continuing to drive your car could render it completely useless, so be sure to get it checked out as soon as you can.

Frequent Jump Starting Needed

Are you constantly asking your neighbour if they can help you jump start your car or even worse, frequently calling your recovery service in order for them to come and jump start your car in car parks or on the road? Although certain older cars may need more jump starting than others depending on their history, if you’re getting out the spark leads at least 2-3 times per week, then it’s time to take your car to the repair shop as your battery will need working on.

Problems with your battery can leave you without a car, so it’s important to know how to spot them quickly.

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5 Reasons to love Roadside Response in Melbourne


If you were ever stuck in Melbourne for any number of reasons, that would be an excellent reason to summon Roadside Response to come out and assist you and we are sure you would love them for it, here’s why.

  • Towing response.

These days there is very little you can do with a modern car, as far as roadside repairs go.  The people at Roadside Response know this only too well, that is why when you contact them, they will dispatch the correct recoveryvehicle and get your car home or to a repairer, whether you are a member or not.

  • Jump start response.

We have all left our car’s lights on at some stage of our lives and come out to a car that i3s totally lifeless and even if you had jumper cables and somebody to supply another car for the purpose, would you still risk it?

Modern day cars have sensitive electronics and connecting jumper cables incorrectly could cause major and costly electrical damage.  Luckily Roadside Response will ensure that this will not happen and you don’t need to take unnecessary risks.

  • Battery response.

All batteries have a certain lifespan and when the end of that lifespan has been reached, no amount of jump starting is going to get you going again and car batteries in Melbourne from Roadside Response will tell you the same thing.  However if you are stranded by the side of the road, how will you possibly get another battery?

Well, a quick call to Roadside Response and they will come out to where ever you are, with the correct battery for your particular vehicle and even fit it for you.

  • Tire response

A flat tire is another of life’s motoring annoyances and one which is largely unavoidable.  Changing a tire at the best of times is a dirty and unpleasant task, which is why Roadside Response will be only too happy to fit your own spare to your vehicle.  If you need a tire replaced altogether, they will obtain one for you, have it fitted and then bring it out to you, whether at home or at the office.

  • Fuel response.

Sometimes in life, you have to take chances and sometimes it just doesn’t work out for you, does it?  The reserve light has been on for some time already, and you are so sure that you can make to the next service station, only you don’t.  Annoying isn’t it, but you only have yourself to blame.

Roadside Response will bring you enough of either petrol or diesel, to get you to the nearest service station (the one you should have stopped at).  All you need to do is pay for the supplied fuel with your credit card and you are on the move again.

Final Words

With these 5 reasons you can’t help but love Roadside Response, even if all you need is a high quality car batteries and you are not a member, they are still there for you.

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Specific Tips to Help you Purchase Used Car


When it comes to buying a car, people have various perspectives. Some would say to start with buying a used car, when you have ample of driving practice on the used car, you could contemplate on buying a new car. On the other hand, there would be people who would advice on purchasing a
new car directly without the need to get into the complexity of buying a used car first. In case, you buy a new car, you would not be required to gather adequate knowledge about the car, as you would be required to gather when you
buy used cars in Mumbai.

The foremost difference between buying a new car and buying a used car has been the usage. The engine of the used car would have undergone ample of wear and tear, depending on the kind of driving of the previous owner of the car. On the other hand, the new car would have everything to be used for the first time inclusive of the engine, the brakes and other parts of the car. This has been the major difference that makes the purchaser to gather adequate knowledge about used cars prior to purchasing the one you need.Image result for Specific Tips to Help you Purchase Used Car

Looking for used cars online

Internet has been the best mode for searching for your prospective used car. The online realm has a plethora of online websites that deal in used cars sales. Therefore, you should log on to the internet and search for the one that would suit your needs and budget. After searching and locating the used car-selling website, you should be able to keep in mind the following points before purchasing used car.

Negotiate on your chosen car

A majority of cars have been priced to negotiate. Usually, around 10-15 percent reduction in price has been available. Therefore, you would be required to strive for it. Yet again, you should be required to bring someone with you who has been familiar with the used car buying procedure. They would assist you in bargaining for a better price.

Inspect the car thoroughly

In case, the car has been available at a significantly lower amount or even less, you might want to buy a car based on a thorough inspection. You would be required to base this inspection into the budget. Nonetheless, the frustration and headache it might save you in future would make it worth the effort.


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