How To Buy Long Lasting Good Quality Garments


The era which we are living in is based on consumerism where there is a trend of fast sale and sale going on in the in the lives we live. This is the era where we argue that the life of the products made in the industries is not so much as it used to be. The products being made are not that much robust as they used to be and the reason that is given is the heavy production of the product and there is also word that they are made weaker or of low quality so that they get damaged and thus the owner may need to buy a new one thus feeding this process of consumerism.

To validate this theory is not in my hands and I just can’t say that how much truth it holds but certainly this is also the case with the clothes. The clothes are no longer that robust or strong as they used to be earlier days and nowadays we can find a hole in even new jeans just after 2-3 washes or a shirt losing all the colour and look very bad and old or we can always see some threads coming out from a very new shirt which threaten to damage the piece permanently. Nonetheless what ever the way or the reason be but the clothes that we get nowadays are not that strong as they used to be and no doubt that there may have been effects of this consumerism on the quality but the complete scenario cant be blamed on that and there are also we to get the blame because going out for cheap clothes will always result in poor quality and we will all agree to it that there have been increment of prices everywhere but we seek to find clothes on prices we had purchased the previous year and that has become the mentality of the general public and thus when there s a demand there has to be supply which is the basic principle of the economics. Even companies like Indian Terrain, levi’s, duke etc are forced to sell a little poor-quality material to remain in sales because there is demand at that particular rate and this deduction or degradation in the quality becomes the main reason as to why the clothes become tattered or shabby after one wash r why they develop holes.

To purchase clothes that last long there are many factors that you should look out for and the most prominent of them would be size. People usually don’t consider size to be a factor of clothes other than it being a deciding factor of fitting, but size has a much bigger role to play and size ought to be right as when size isn’t right the stitching and fibres of the clothes are under large pressure getting it undone. Thus, when it comes to size you should always look out.

The second culprit would be the cheap price tag. When we buy new clothes it is good if we go with the brands because these are the companies which have a name to keep in the market and the chances of their product coming out to be faulty is very less because they have a very big client base to cater to and that keeps them at their best. Brands like the Indian terrain, duke, Raymond’s are always in competition against each other and that is what keeps them at their best and results in good products for us. One should look for the quality of clothes rather than the cheaper price tag on it.

While shopping always go through the contents of the fibre by which the product has been made and then always feel the fabric and let your hands judge the fabric rather than the label. The last thing would be to slight check by stretching or sorts along with checking the stitching to make sure that it would not come undone anytime soon.          

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