The Best Handifract In Yogyakarta Recommended to Collect


Some of the best handifract in yogyakarta will be very worth for you to collect. Yogyakarta is a city in Java Island, Indonesia, which has a high sense of art in the community. In ancient times, Yogyakarta has a community of people who work as craftsmen, sculptors, painters, musicians, and various other artwork midwives. This community lives in groups with occupations in the same arts field, where one community has its own living area position.

Community heritage that focuses on producing the artwork, some still survive until now. Among the surviving communities, they produce the best handifract in yogyakarta city. This background makes Yogyakarta a city full of art. Be it from the atmosphere, customs, customs, traditions, and taste of art, you will find the closeness to art, tradition, and nature in society. When you are in Yogyakarta, some of the best handicraft works you will find are:

  • Batik

Batik is a cloth-shaped handicraft carved with patterned paintings. In Yogyakarta, Batik craftsmen communities still survive to this day. The location of this community is located in Imogiri sub-district. Batik in Yogyakarta is a hand-carved batik with a pattern of art inherited from generation to generation. The result of art accumulation from the wisdom of the generation of the ancestors to the present generation will be found in Yogyakarta.

  • Silver Handicraft

Silver handicraft is a contemporary traditional craft that you can find in Yogyakarta. The largest silver commissary community in Yogyakarta can be found in Kota Gedhe. Here silver craftsmen live and settle in one community. Silver handicrafts Yogyakarta is a very unique handicraft with its own artistic value. With high quality material, combined with the expertise of silver handicraftsmen, you will be able to have beautiful silverware for display. If you stop in Yogyakarta, you can not only buy silver handicraft, but also order custom made silver handicraft.

  • Clay Handicraft

Clay craftsmen are a community that still survives until now in Yogyakarta. The area where clay craftsmen live in Yogyakarta is Kasongan. Kasongan is a village whose inhabitants are skilled clay craftsmen. The leading clay craft products in the village are clay statues, clay jars, home appliances, and more. If you are specifically visiting Kasongan, you can participate in the production of clay crafts directly.

  • Wood Handicraft

Woodworkers are also a surviving community of several art communities that once existed in ancient Yogyakarta. In ancient times, community of artisans and woodcarving were residing in Gunung Kidul district. At this time, this community spread to various areas in Yogyakarta, but some can still be found in the place of origin. The famous wood and woodcarving products in Yogyakarta are carved statues, home decorations, ornaments, and much more. One of the unique wooden handicrafts in Yogyakarta is a wooden handicraft made from tree roots.

The best handicraft in yogyakarta community waiting for you to be discover right now. Meet and make contact with this community to explore deep art in Yogyakarta. When you take a walk to Indonesia, be sure to stop by to Yogyakarta to have unique handicraft products of Yogyakarta as souvenirs.


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