Anavar is one of the popular anabolic steroids which are widely used by bodybuilders around the world. It is known to create minimal side effects due to which it is a favoured steroid by many. It has a wide acceptance too. It is widely used by female athletes and bodybuilders around the world due to its unique property of not bulking up on an intake. Also, it is a type of steroid that does not cause water retention problems. This doesn’t mean it creates cent percent positive results. But people who have used this product claim to have produced gains and other notable improvements which push asides the minimal side effects. It is one of those products which need to be thoroughly studied before deciding to use it. Before rushing into using a particular steroid, it is better to make a detailed study. So before using it, it’s always good to know more about Anavar’s side effects, some of which has been discussed below.

Blood pressure issues

One of the notable and most common issues among Anavar users is blood pressure issues. As you know, almost all steroids are associated with negative effects, some of which can lead to dangerous problems. Steroids are synthetic substances which alter and improve the production of testosterone in the body. What it usually does is suppress the production of natural testosterone in the body. Though Anavar does not create a significant suppression, the harmful effects it can have on the body is something everyone should take into account before using it. Blood pressure issues are common in people using Anavar. So if you are already suffering from blood pressure issues, it is best advised not to try this steroid.

Cholesterol issues

This is a dangerous side effect of Anavar. It is trouble when the HDL cholesterol gets suppressed which is what the Oxandrolone hormone does. It can also increase the LDL cholesterol which is often referred to as bad cholesterol. This is a serious issue which if not dealt with, can lead to other health problems. So people who have any cholesterol issues should avoid using it. However, if you are one among those people who claim to have a healthy lifestyle, proper and responsible use of this steroid along with a routine workout and strict diet, won’t cause any serious damage.

Other side effects

If used excessively, it can cause heart diseases, heart attacks, reduced rate of bone growth, immediate changes on skin and face, acne on arms and face, vomiting, stroke, damages to liver, improper mood swings or hair loss. It can also lead to depression and can lower your concentration levels. Overusing it might also result in increased/decreased sexual desires. Some of these symptoms might not occur on using this steroid, it might occur when you stop using it suddenly. So before resorting to giving Anavar a try, it is best advised to know more about Anavar’s side effects. If any of these symptoms persist, do not hesitate to pay a visit to your doctor.


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