6 Excellent Tips To Wear Strapless Bridesmaid Dresses With Full Confidence And Comfort


AIf you are going to be a bridesmaid soon and your bride friend declares that she wants you to wear a strapless dress, it may be daunting for you to obey her, especially if you have never worn a strapless dress before.

While helping your bride friend and then dancing for the whole night, you may find it difficult to manage your strapless dress.

Actually a strapless dress is amazing and offers a great style to your personality. But you should wear it with confidence and comfort. Therefore, here are tips for you to rock in your strapless dress.

1. Be Keen about Boning

If yours is a tube dress, you won’t get much support up top. But if you have got a bit of boning in the bodice, the dress will be much structured. Such a structured, high-quality strapless dress retains an hourglass figure even if it’s on a hanger and there are no formless sacks.

When there is a subtle boning on the strapless dress, it keeps it from falling down.

2. Make Friends with Rubber

Look for a strapless dress that has a thin silicone rubber strip lining the entire top seam from inside. This rubber will provide resistance against your skin making it less likely to fall down.

It’s a bad scene that a woman is wearing a lovely dress and tugging on it constantly. The rubber insert will save you from such a scene by keeping the dress adhered to your skin without needing a sticky tape.

You can get a range of best quality bridesmaid dresses Gold Coast with built in silicone gripper band.

3. Your Next Friend Should be Sticky Tape

If you have got a strapless dress that doesn’t have the thin rubber gripper, a fashion tape can come to your aid. A fashion tape is designed so as to not damage your clothes. Moreover it will serve as a lifesaver in an embarrassing situation that arises when a neckline begins heading south.

To work this out, achieve a super quick fix by using two strips at the front side of your strapless dress. Stashing some extra strips in your purse will only help particularly if it will be a late night. You cannot predict when you will need a bit of reinforcement.

4. Make Friends with Safety Pins too

When you are falling short of two-sided tape, consider using some safety pins instead. You won’t believe but the trick works wonderfully. Pin your bra with safety pins to the dress. It’s super easy and a real quick fix.

Just make sure you pin it from the inside of your dress to avoid eyes drawing towards the silver shiny tiny object.

Same way, you can pin at the back too. Take help of a friend for this.

5. Never Go Braless but the Bra Should be Strapless

Do you consider strapless bras messy? But they can be lifesavers when you want to wear a strapless dress. They will give your frock a good support to grab on and of course, add a shape to the bodice.

There are hordes of different styles available on the market nowadays; so, you can choose a style that suits you the most.

Maybe you are very much tempted to wear a bra with straps with your strapless dress; but please don’t, because it will never look good.

6. Try it in the Dressing Room

When you want to try a tricky thing like a strapless dress, you better try it first in the dressing room. In the room, raise your hands and bend forward to ensure it doesn’t fall down. This will make you confident that it won’t make you awkward on the dance floor with a nip slip!

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