4 Compelling Reasons to Opt for a Career in Call Center


Have you ever given a thought on taking up a career in a call center?  Not everyone can be a call center agent. It takes special understanding, patience, skills and perseverance to thrive and grow in the industry.

It is true that very few would describe a job in a call center as their “dream job”; however, this occupational stigma is now outdated. Of late, people are looking for the latest call center jobs. As a matter of fact, for the right candidates, a career in modern day call centers has so much more to offer.

Here are four compelling reasons for you to opt for a career in call centers:

  1. Potential Higher Earnings and Benefits

As an agent in call centers, you are most likely to get a much higher basic pay when compared to the other jobs. As a fresher, you can expect a starting salary of INR 15,000; for experienced personnel, the package may vary.

In addition to the good pay, the employees are given extra pay if they work during the holidays, work overtime or take up night shifts. The sales agents may get an additional commission based on the number of deals they close.

  1. Develop Valuable Skills

Call center agent scan improve their communication skills, enhance their active listening skills and hone their problem-solving skills at a much faster rate. As the agents have over a hundred conversations each day, the challenges they face are more, thus giving them opportunities to improve their efficiency and also learn faster from their mistakes.

  1. Reliable Career Advancement

The call center industry usually has a high workers’ turnover rate. Those who are firm on growing in their firm can see their hard work and efforts culminate in the form of promotions. Generally, call centers have a very fast-paced environment. Agents get promoted to the position of ‘lead agent’, then eventually as ‘supervisor’. Leads are assigned with tasks of assisting teams and it is the supervisor’s job to ensure that everyone in the project team are contributing and performing for the success of the project.

  1. Interaction with People

This job deals with customers from different genders, age groups, ethnicity and even location, so the call center agents will be able to interact and communicate with people from just about all walks of life. If you are of sociable nature, this is the job for you and on the other hand if you are shy by nature this job will you get out of your introverted nature.

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